What is WordPress? and How to Use it? – On the topic called the What is WordPress? and How to Use it?,  you have done some research like “what is WordPress” on the internet. You liked some of the writings. Some of the writings didn’t open your horizon. WordPress is referred to as the abbreviated WP as well.
What is WordPress? and How to Use it?

What is WordPress? and How to Use it?

What is WordPress? and How to Use it?

What is WordPress? and How to Use it? What is WordPress for you? WP is an open source software having a GNU license that works with the MYSQL database written in the PHP programming language. Open source software is a system that can be upgraded and updated continuously by users.

What is WordPress? and How to Use it?

WP is called as CMS (Content Management System). What is this CMS? Let’s explain and understand that what does it mean. When the content is called, our mind comes the web page content. Blogs, agenda news, game news, single page sites, promotional sites, etc., are always created with body tag of the Html language the content of the website.

For example, the text you read at the moment is created with WP and is called content. That is, it’s content the texts that are shown in the web page interface. You can create body portion with Html language without having code information, just like you are working in the word file.

What is WordPress? and How to Use it?
What is WordPress? and How to Use it?

Now, think you about a news site. Content is being typed continuously every day and every hour. We read the last minute news as soon as it’s published. Such a website management is very hard to constantly struggle by writing complex codes in the Html language. Is not it?

Here, WP is catching our assist. Typing the content in a website project with WP is very easy. You can publish also from your mobile phone. There is the difference as much as worlds.

You need not to more information to learn WordPress. Because there are much more resources on the Internet for WordPress.

What is WordPress Theme?

After the title called the “What is WordPress? and How to Use it?” Let’s go with the title “What is WordPress theme?” Did you think about that What is WordPress theme? If you didn’t think about it, no problem. Because, if you are reading this topic, you will be knowledgeable about it. These themes are free. At least most of them are free. You can easily download free themes from WP site. There are paid themes for advanced users.

These paid themes provide SEO competition for users. For example, you can get an SEO compatible theme up to $ 50 price. Since the theme developer has updated the theme continuously, you do not need to make any code changes.

If you want to have a shopping site, there are paid commercial themes. You can still have this theme in the same way for a certain fee. In the early days you may have some trouble, but over time you will be able to master these themes.

What is Difference Between WordPress and HTML?

What is WordPress? and How to Use it?

What is WordPress? and How to Use it? After the What is WordPress title, Let’s talk about WP and Html. There is a big different between WordPress and Html. The websites projected with Html language need to the struggle and information. But, this situation by WP hasn’t required any code information.

For sites with the single Webpage are logical the Html language. Because it’s not required the entry of the content continuously.

The content entry is created this once, and it is updated in a short time. But, If you want to create a news website, the best logic is WP.

So, yo don’t need to have supercomputer knowledge. You can accomplish great things with computer knowledge a bit. For example, consider you a carpenter.

The carpenter is doing designs like the Wooden bird cage, wooden carving products, wooden cups etc. He wants to grow your business and he can take a step by opening a blog with the CMS to share and gain advertising revenue or to increase his recognition level. Of course, I only gave the example of a carpenter as the person who is aiming at to grow with this relevant and method.

WordPress History and Today

WordPress date is based on 2001 years. In earlier, even if WP have designed and aimed for blog pages, WP have come to different sizes by developing over time. Today, there is most people who have achieved the success with WordPress. With the basic interface and easy to use, it has become preferred by millions of users.

Nowadays, it has been creating with WP the single page websites as well. It has thousands of plugin inside WP.

By way of this plugins, you can add the unique features your site rather than makes the different designs. Without having code knowledge, you can install quickly with these plugins the feature you wanted. There are also the paid plugins. If you want to gain money by making website design, there are these types of plugins. In my subsequent articles, I will write a detailed article about this topic.

WordPress Features

What is WordPress? and How to Use it?

Let’s mention from WP features, as I said just now, WP has thousands of plugins that it’s far ahead of competitors. I can say no almost the plugin you will not find. In their store, there are free themes. The process happens quickly in that you applied from the WP interface to your website any theme.

You can do the changes on the theme installed as free. Realizing this process is very easy. For example, you can change many setting through a CSS editing plugin. You can change many setting from customization portion of theme that it is their feature. You can change any setting from customization portion of theme that it is their feature as well.

It is available that you can be able to create the commercial website, except blog website. The plugins are too many for the commercial website and you can enable immediately by downloading the plugin you want to. Also, there are too many documents on the internet for WP.

You can easily install to your computer after reading the topic called the “Install WordPress Locally Windows 10“!

WordPress Website and Google Relationship

WP and Google have been working fully compatible. In the Google is indexed very quickly the article that you have written with WP. It is very big the effect in terms of SEO, and it maintains its leadership as opposed to its competitors. However, thanks to the SEO plugins, you can publish by typing the SEO compatible article without much knowledge.

If necessary giving the example. For SEO plugin, it is available the Yoast SEO plugin that providing great support to the beginner of users. Thanks to the SEO plugin for users without SEO knowledge, it is available the task portion below while typing for the article. And, by this means, as the user does this tasks, it will return to green circle the tasks completed. So, you will be written the SEO compatible article.

WordPress Sample Site

There are many websites that use the WP infrastructure. Nowadays, some of the websites that have achieved the success and even had shown off, they use the WP infrastructure. Now, by explaining with an example it came time to throw the questions in your head.

Personally, I had hesitated to the WP infrastructure before. My confidence was broken with a few words of hearing from the ear. That’s what that the people said, “Ready-made theme!, What are you waiting?, You get a decent site makes!”, and then I had got desperate to the empty words.

I am new in the WP but I experienced very fast after I understand the logic.

Now, Microsoft has been using the WP in the blog infrastructure that we all know. Click on The Official Microsoft Blog website.

Click on the [ page source view ] by clicking on the homepage of Website.

What is WordPress? and How to Use it?

Click on the Ctrl + F together on the page source opened.

What is WordPress? and How to Use it?

Type in [ WordPress ] in the search box opened and then click the Enter. We have been seeing that it’s using the WP in the blog infrastructure of Microsoft in the portion that I marked in the 56. the sequence as follows.

What is WordPress? and How to Use it?

Is WordPress a Right Choice for you?

After the title “What is WordPress? and How to Use it? “, I’m closing the topic with a little question. Of course! It’s a right choice. Because WP is a free software. WP supports to grow with your site in the future. WP constantly adapt oneself to security vulnerabilities by providing the upgrade. Without any coding knowledge, you can build a site like you want with thousands of plugins.

How to Install WordPress on WAMP Server in Windows 10?  ⇒ Video

You can watch how to install WordPress on WAMP Server in Windows 10. Also, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel…

  Final Word

What is WordPress? and How to Use it? – On the topic called the What is WordPress? and How to Use it? I have explained a few things about WP. I hope it has helped you. One thing to keep in mind is that WordPress has a fairly simple usage. However, you will encounter many errors at the same time. Be ready already!

If this article is helpful, send me feedback by commenting! Thanks in advance, take care of yourself!

Also, you can add to the browser bookmarks by pressing the Ctrl+D to read this article later!

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