What is Telnet Used For? – Telnet allows you to remotely connect and set up devices such as routers, switches or modems on the local network or on the Internet. Telnet uses the TCP/IP protocol.
What is Telnet Used For?

What is Telnet Used For?

What is Telnet Used For?

What is Telnet Used For? When we want to set up a Cisco Router and Switch, we do not have to connect with the console connection always. The Telnet connection can configure when initial configuration is made to the devices. When Telnet connection is enabled, we can set these devices by connecting over the network or via the internet.

Do not mix the Cisco Router or Cisco Switch here. This is not the only case for these devices. The telnet program, which is typically used for network devices, can be configured for each device that uses the TCP/IP protocol.

It is mandatory to enter a username and password while connecting to a device remotely via Telnet. If these were not asked, the devices on the Internet would be left alone with security problems.

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How Does Telnet Work?

How does Telnet work? After briefly telling us what the telnet is, let’s explain how does Telnet work. Telnet communicates over the TCP/IP protocol. Telnet is an application-based protocol and has 23 port numbers. It uses Telnet Ip network and receives and sends data via IP addresses.

How to Enable Telnet on Cisco Router? If you don’t, read the topic called “Cisco Router Telnet Configuration

To use Telnet, you need to install the Telnet Client software on your computer’s operating system. Telnet Client software is the part that connects to the Telnet Server. Telnet connection can not be provided to a device with Client software installed. However, you need to configure the server.

How to Enable Telnet on Windows 10?

To enable Telnet on Windows 10 Telnet there are a few simple steps. Enabling Telnet on Windows is only in the Client role. Now let’s go to steps to enable Telnet on Windows 10.

   Step 1

Right click on the Start menu / Programs and Features.

What is Telnet Used For?

   Step 2

In the Programs and Properties window, click Turn Windows properties on or off.

What is Telnet Used For?

   Step 3

Windows properties will be opened in the open or close window. In this window, tick the Telnet Client option.

What is Telnet Used For?

   Step 4

Telnet Client seçeneğini işaretledikten sonra OK butonuna basınız.

What is Telnet Used For?

Do you know SSH that it is the more secure than Telnet? If you want to configure on Cisco Router, click the topic called “Cisco Router SSH Configuration

   Step 5

The changes are applying.

What is Telnet Used For?

   Step 6

Complete the Telnet Client installation. Click the Close button.

What is Telnet Used For?

   Step 7

After this, you will be able to open the Run window by holding down Windows Key + R. In the Run window, type cmd and press Enter. Press CMD command prompt and press Enter key at the command prompt typing telnet.

What is Telnet Used For?

   Step 8

After seeing the Welcome to Microsoft Telnet Client message, we have successfully completed the Windows 10 Telnet activation step.

What is Telnet Used For?

   Step 9

At the prompt for Telnet, type O (o) and press Enter.

What is Telnet Used For?

   Step 10

After checking a sub-line type in the address of the modem Ip to connect to the modem and press the Enter key.

What is Telnet Used For?

   Step 11

As soon as I hit Enter, I got a connection through the TP-LINK modem to Telnet connection.

What is Telnet Used For?

As you can see, we can configure Telnet by connecting remotely to the device without going anywhere.

Putty Download

You can download the Putty program from your computer, which does a very good Telnet task directly without making Windows 10 telnet activation process.


Enabling Telnet with CMD

The process of activating Telnet with CMD consists of the syntax commands. Telnet activation with CMD does via DISM command. It is a more practical and simple way.

Run the CMD command prompt as an administrator and type the following command at the command prompt and run it.

[code] dism /online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:TelnetClient

What is Telnet Used For?

Disabling Telnet with CMD

What is Telnet Used For?

The Use of Telnet

After the title called the “What is Telnet Used For?” Is it secure to use Telnet?

The use of Telnet is an absolutely insecure protocol! The data received and transmitted between the communicating device is transmitted as unencrypted. This process is called Clear Text or Plain Text transmission. If it’s an insecure protocol, why is it used?

Answer: It is true that Telnet is still being used. But in some cases, it is still only used for testing purposes. Otherwise, I definitely recommend using it. You can use it on your LAN, but not on the internet.

Malicious people can capture your data with sniffer tactics.

What is Telnet Used For? ⇒ Video

You can watch how to enable telnet on Windows 10 and also subscribe to our YouTube channel…

  Final Word

I have completed my article called “What is Telnet Used For?” After the Windows 10 Telnet activation, we connected to the modem interface by doing a little experiment. The Windows 10 Telnet activation process is the same logic in all. I hope it was a useful article.

If this article is helpful, send me feedback by commenting! Thanks in advance, take care of yourself!

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