What is Ping and How Does It Work? – Ping is a program frequently used by people or people interested in the computer field. I think you’ve done a few tests before. Do you ping a computer on the network or any websites on the internet?
What is Ping and How Does It Work ?

What is Ping and How Does It Work?

What is Ping and How Does It Work?

Do you have any idea that What is Ping and How Does It Work ?. Let’s examine what the ping command is, what it does, and how to ping it.

Ping is an abbreviation of Packet Internet Groper words. Ping is a network utility or a tool used to test the availability of a particular computer. This tool checks whether your computer has a connection to a computer with an IP number on the internet or on the local network.

This tiny simple yet useful program written by Mike Muss in 1983 sends 32-byte packets and waits to retrieve the package it sends. For example, a site hosted in Turkey is pinged and the return time is 20ms. However, when a foreign-owned site is pinged, this return period is increasing. So the longer the reaction time is, the more time it is.

By using the PING Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) Protocol, it sends the Echo Request Packet to the other party and waits for the Echo Reply Pack, indicating that the connection is successful.

How Does Ping Work?

Ping is a term that is taken from the location of the echo of a submarine. Did you know that if we give an example from animals, the bats fly with this system? The wounds radiate high-vibration sound waves that people can not hear. A bat that emits a sound wave to turn around a corner of a wall, gives them a map and directs them with echoes of sound waves that bounce off the walls. The actor’s act by simulating the echo system.

If Ping sends a data packet to a server and retrieves the data packet back from the server, then there is a connection. It notifies us of the presence of the server and the active, ie the echo system.

What Does Ping Do?

PING is now the most used for solving internet connection problems. This small program is used to test whether the computer is communicating with the local network. It is also used to test the availability of any website on the internet. It is used to check whether a specific IP address is assigned to a computer. Controls packet loss rates by checking network performance statistics.

If the device with an Ip number can not be reached, the return packet is reported to us via Request Timed Out message. With this message, we also know that the other computer, server, website or game servers are not accessible.

There additionally are the ping parameters. If you want to get information about this topic, read the topic called the How to Use Ping Parameters CMD

How to Ping an IP Address?

After we have explained the topic called the What is Ping and How Does It Work, we now pass to ping an Ip address.

   Step 1

If you want to PING the Windows operating system, press and hold the Windows key and press R. The following window will open.

What is Ping and How Does It Work ?

   Step 2

In the window that opens, press [OK] button after writing [cmd] to the opening part.

What is Ping and How Does It Work ?

   Step 3

As shown in the following window, the CMD program will be opened.

What is Ping and How Does It Work ?

   Step 4

If you want to ping the default gateway, ping, type Ping and press ENTER.

What is Ping and How Does It Work ?

As the above screen shows, the operation is successful. This change is a healthy way of reaching. Modem connection means I’m going out on the internet.
(0% loss) ping shows that the packages have gone in a lossless manner. Bytes = 32 indicates that the PING program sends 32-byte packets by default.

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Pinging an Ip Address that it does not receive any Ip Address on the Same Network

When a computer that does not have an IP address on the same network is pinged, it gives us the message Destination host unreachable because there is no computer with this IP address. Ping is actually successful here. We understand that the computer can not be reached because the packages that were sent back through the reaction.

What is Ping and How Does It Work ?

Pinging a Computer that is Not on the Same Network

When a computer that is not on the same network is pinged, it will send a Request Timed Out message as follows. The operation failed because our IP block is When we execute the [Ping] command from our computer, the packets will be changed to the default gateway first, since the IP block is on a different network.

The request is being timed out because I am returning from the modem (I do not know such a network). And the operation will fail. The packet loss will tell us 100% loss. The result is no link.

What is Ping and How Does It Work ?

How to Ping from one computer to any Website?

As mentioned above, open the command prompt by typing cmd into the Windows executable. And, as shown below, instead of typing an IP address this time, you can do it by typing the website address.

What is Ping and How Does It Work ?

As you can see in the above printout, we did this by typing the website address. It is also seen that the same 32-byte packet is sent, and the packets are received as lossless. But here it says time = 74ms, when we ping on the local network this figure is very low, the reaction time is growing because the website is hosted on a server on the internet.

The ping operation on Web Sites is written as text, but first, go to DNS and ask, what is the IP address? The process takes place after learning the IP address.

What is DNS (Domain Name System)? If you don’t know, read the topic called “How to Change DNS on Windows 10?

What is Ping and How Does It Work? ⇒ Video

You can watch how to use ping commands in cmd. Also, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel…

  Final Word

I have explained in detail the topic called the What is Ping and How Does It Work ?. Nowadays, computer technicians frequently use ping for problem-solving and what is the ping process and how it works with a few examples of how we ping.

If this article is helpful, send me feedback by commenting! Thanks in advance, take care of yourself!

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