What is TFTP Trivial File Transfer Protocol? – TFTP is an abbreviation of Trivial File Transfer Protocol. TFTP protocol is an old protocol published by Karen R. Sollins. TFTP was published in 1981.
What is TFTP Trivial File Transfer Protocol?

What is TFTP Trivial File Transfer Protocol?

What is TFTP Trivial File Transfer Protocol?

TFTP is called trivial file transfer protocol because there is no security in transferring files. There is no authentication process like FTP protocol. The use of TFTP protocol is only file transfer and file transfer. TFTP is used to transfer files needed by some systems or devices for the first time.

TFTP performs data transfer using the UDP protocol over the network and TFTP uses port 69. TFTP usage does not have features such as listing files, deleting files, changing the file name, and checking files provided by other file transfer protocols.

When the file transfer is being performed over the network with TFTP, file checking is not performed. TFTP uses the UDP protocol, so it does not check whether the files are transferred or not. Unlike TFTP, the TCP protocol performs the control of files.

In the TCP protocol, files that can not be forwarded with the handshake control are sent again. However, the TFTP protocol does not provide this operation.

After briefly explaining what is TFTP trivial file transfer protocol, let’s take a look at TFTP advantages and TFTP disadvantages.

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TFTP Advantages

TFTP advantages are listed below.

1. It is a fast file transfer protocol.
2. Network devices configuration files can easily be transported via TFTP.
3. It can be easily used with 3rd party software on Windows and Linux operating systems.
4. Where FTP usage is not required, the use of TFTP is recommended.

TFTP Disadvantages

TFTP disadvantages are listed below.

1. TFTP is a non-secure file transfer protocol.
2. TFTP does not provide file security according to FTP.
3. TFTP performs file transfer and file transfer only.
4. There is no authentication.

How to Do File Transfer Using TFTP?

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