How to Clear DNS Cache Windows 10? – It’s a very simple process. This process only consists of a few steps. Let’s do it together…
How to Clear DNS Cache Windows 10 ?

How to Clear DNS Cache Windows 10?

How to Clear DNS Cache Windows 10?

The DNS cache clean-up process sometimes causes the problems of access to websites due to DNS changes when trying to access certain websites, and this problem can only be overcome by clearing the DNS cache.

What is DNS Cache?

When a computer is accessed for the first time with a computer, the name of these websites needs to be translated into IP address. The computer receives the IP address of these websites from the DNS servers. And the DNS information of the accessed websites is kept in the DNS cache. When it becomes necessary to reconnect to these websites later on, they will not go to DNS servers to learn the IP address again and again. The computer will look at the DNS cache and get the IP address from the cache.

If the website you are trying to access contains 404 error pages, this may sometimes be due to incorrect or obsolete DNS information. If the DNS information changes after the last visit to your websites, ie if the website manager has made different DNS settings, the website you are trying to access will fail. To overcome this error, DNS cache flushing is done.

Performing DNS cache cleanup is a simple and straightforward process for all Windows operating systems. In Windows Xp, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 operating systems, the process of clearing the DNS cache is the same. After the DNS cache is cleared, the computer will go to the cache to look up DNS information for the websites, but because the cache is cleared, it will go to the DNS servers and refresh the DNS information of the websites. And access to their websites will be provided smoothly.

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How to Flush and Reset DNS Cache?

Follow the steps below to flush and reset DNS cache…

   Step 1

Firstly, to clear dns cache Windows operating system. Press the windows key + R DNS Önbellek Temizleme Nasıl Yapılır ?on your keyboard. The Run program will be opened.

How to Clear DNS Cache Windows 10 ?

   Step 2

In the Run program, in the Open section, type CMD and press OK.

How to Clear DNS Cache Windows 10 ?

   Step 3

The CMD command prompt will be opened and you will type ipconfig / flushdns on the command line.

How to Clear DNS Cache Windows 10 ?

As it’s seen, this clearing have done with flush dns cmd command.

Before clearing the DNS cache, type [ipconfig / displaydns] at the CMD prompt and press the Enter key. The records to register are records stored in the DNS cache. Here we delete the records there, any site IP address change because it is inaccessible because we can handle this way.

   Step 4

After typing the command, press Enter and a message will be displayed at the command prompt telling you that the DNS cache has been successfully cleaned.

How to Clear DNS Cache Windows 10 ?

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Download DNS Cache CMD File

Another easy way to clear the DNS cache is a prepared bat file. You can download this file from the following link.


Clear DNS Cache Windows 10 ⇒ Video

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  Final Word

How to Clear DNS Cache Windows 10? – I hope that I have explained you in detail the topic called the How to Clear DNS Cache Windows 10. When browsing the internet, we sometimes encounter cache errors due to the DNS changes of website administrators. We are clearing the DNS cache to handle these kinds of problems.

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