How to Change DNS on Windows 10? – The DNS meaning is the Domain Name Server.
How to Change DNS on Windows 10?

How to Change DNS on Windows 10?

How to Change DNS on Windows 10?

What is DNS? and How does it work? DNS helps you remember many sites we use on the internet in everyday life. All computers on the Internet can communicate with IP addresses. Data transmission and transmission makes via IP. There are millions of websites on the Internet. If you used to be connected via IP addresses the website, what would happen? An unthinkable situation would arise.

Because we cannot keep in mind the IP address of each website. DNS It translates IP addresses into web addresses so that we do not have to keep the IP numbers in mind. For example; You remember the site with the domain name. But in the backplane has a system that translates this domain name into an IP address. This system is called DNS.

DNS simply assigns a name to IP addresses. As an example of daily life, we have phone numbers of people we know in our mobile phone guides. It’s hard to remember everybody’s cell phone number. We record phone numbers as first and last names. And when we write the name of the person we will call, his cell phone number is displayed directly.

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We can compare this process with DNS processes. When you type the name of the website you want to visit in the address line of your web browser, the web address you wrote on the backplane will go to a DNS server and learn the IP address of your website. You will then be connected to your website.

Most people cannot notice this because DNS works very fast. Sometimes we have problems while connecting to internet sites and we change DNS addresses.

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DNS History

After briefly explaining the title called “What is DNS? and How does it work?”, To briefly discuss DNS history, it is known as the basics of ARPANET network system. During the ARPANET period, the DNS system was started to be used to communicate the computer on the network. But these operations are done manually. Computer names and IP addresses were recorded by the Hosts file.

At a certain time, the Hosts file did manually update. DNS was discovered by American scientist Paul Mockapetris in 1983.

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How to Change DNS?

How to change DNS? You had looked for to change DNS address. This is an easy process. DNS addresses can change at any time. These operations are not permanent or cannot remove.

The DNS can change from your computer’s network and sharing center settings, from the active network card properties to the DNS in the TCP/IP option.

Current DNS Addresses

The fastest and most reliable DNS address recommended is Google DNS.

Google DNS Addresses8.
Open DNS Addresses208.67.222.222208.67.220.220
Norton DNS Addresses198.153.192.1198.153.194.1
GTEI DNS Addresses4. / / / /
Yandex DNS Addresses77.
UyduNet DNS Addresses
DNSAdvantage Addresses

Change Windows 10 DNS

Follow the steps below to change Windows 10 DNS.

   Step 1

For the process “change Windows 10 DNS”, first, open the network and share center.

DNS Nedir Ne İşe Yarar ? DNS Nasıl Değiştirilir?

   Step 2

In the window that opens, click on your active network card.

DNS Nedir Ne İşe Yarar ? DNS Nasıl Değiştirilir?

   Step 3

Then your network card will open as in the below window. Click the properties button here.

DNS Nedir Ne İşe Yarar ? DNS Nasıl Değiştirilir?

   Step 4

The advanced settings of your network card will visible. Click the properties button when the TCP/IPv4 option is selected.

DNS Nedir Ne İşe Yarar ? DNS Nasıl Değiştirilir?

   Step 5

In the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) window, you can change the DNS addresses from the DNS partition as you see in the following image. / IP addresses are Google’s DNS servers.

DNS Nedir Ne İşe Yarar ? DNS Nasıl Değiştirilir?

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How to Change DNS on Windows 10? ⇒ Video

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  Final Word

We have completed the topic called “How to Change DNS on Windows 10?” Changing DNS is pretty easy. In Windows operating systems, changing DNS logic is exactly the same.

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