What is VMware Workstation? and What Does It Do? I think you should have heard of the VMware Workstation virtualization program.
What is VMware Workstation? and What Does It Do?

What is VMware Workstation? and What Does It Do?

What is VMware Workstation? and What Does It Do?

Or you may have heard and even downloaded from the internet. You might have set up one or two operating systems on it. Do you know what exactly is VMware Workstation? VMware produced several virtualization solutions in 1998, driving the VMware Workstation program to the market in 2001.

VMware Workstation is a virtualization program that can be built on x86 and x86-x64 systems, allowing you to run multiple virtual operating systems on physical computers. At the same time, it acts as a bridge between the virtual machine and the hardware resources of your physical computer. The VMware Workstation program uses the most Microsoft Windows operating systems. Of course Linux, BSD, etc. are also widely used.

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What Do Operating Systems We Install with VMware Workstation?

    • Windows 10
    • Windows 8
    • Windows 8.1
    • Windows 7
    • Windows XP
    • Ubuntu
    • RedHat
    • Oracle Linux
    • Debian
    • Fedora
    • OpenSUSE
    • LinuxMint
    • CentOS
    • Solaris
    • FreeBSD

And We Can Build More Operating Systems …

VMware Workstation Program and Operating System Compatibility

Windows İşletim SistemiVMware Workstation Version
Windows Server 2012 R210.0 and up…
Windows Server 20129.0 and up…
Windows Server 2008 R2 SP18.0 and up…
Windows Server 2008 R27.0 and up…
Windows Server 20086.0 – 10.0
Windows Server 2003 R26.0 – 10.0
Windows Server 20034.0 – 10.0
Windows 1011.0 and up…
Windows 8.110.0 and up…
Windows 89.0 and up…
Windows 77.1 and up…
Windows Vista6.0 – 10.0
Windows XP3.0 – 10.0
Windows 20002.0 – 6.5

For example, the upcoming Windows 10 Operating System is also available in the next versions to include Workstation 11. Sure 11 Only Supports the Technical Preview Version of the Windows 10 System.

The latest version, VMwareWorkstation 12 Pro, supports all of the above systems. You can see more detailed system compatibility including the Linux versions below. From here you can go to the Web Site and browse…

What Does VMware Workstation Do?

What is VMware Workstation? The VMware Workstation program uses the Virtualization Technology infrastructure. Using this program, we can produce multiple solutions. For example;

1. We can use it as a virtual computer without the hassle, by virtualizing the computer program that we use, setting up our programs and settings again and again. After converting our physical computer to a virtual computer, for example, we can do a critical windows update. You may want to try this in the first virtual environment. Otherwise, you’ll have to test it on your virtual machine when something goes wrong.

2. You have a current version of any program you are using and you want to try it. So, after downloading the new version of the program, you can install your physical computer after installing and reviewing your virtual computer.

3. Your e-mail account came with an e-mail and you downloaded your computer without reading it. You may want to copy this file first and then browse the contents of your virtual computer. Because the file can be a virus and you do not want to lose important documents on your computer. So we tested our file.

4. If you are interested in Linux versions and want to download and install it. After downloading the Linux version, you can create and install a new virtual machine with VMware Workstation. Also, to install a new virtual machine, I recommend to you read the topic called the Create Virtual Machine on VMware Workstation 12

5. If you want to try Apple’s Mac OS operating system, you can install it again with VM.

6. You can install older versions of Windows operating systems like Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 systems, and experience nostalgia.

7. For example, I want to explain a method that I use. Because I use antivirus programs for my computer and I am a conscious user, I install the antivirus software on a virtual computer and download the files or programs I do not trust from the internet to the virtual computer. After the virus scan, I copy my actual computer. I would recommend this method to you.

If you want to download VMware Workstation 12.5.5 version, click the button below…

What is VMware Workstation? and What Does It Do? ⇒ Video

You can watch how to install VMware Workstation. Also, subscribe to my YouTube channel…

  Final Word

We have explained the topic called the What is VMware Workstation? and What Does It Do?. I have made the definition of the VMware Workstation virtualization program and explained what is VMware Workstation and how it works. You can create more tactic with your imagination.

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