What is VMware ESXi, vSphere, and vCenter?VMware is a software company that develops various software and especially virtualization products. VMware continues its leadership in virtualization solutions.
What is VMware ESXi, vSphere, and vCenter?

What is VMware ESXi, vSphere, and vCenter?

VMware Workstation, a VMware hosted virtualization program, is used by many people today. VMware Workstation is a virtualization program built on the operating system and allow you to run virtual machines on it.

Although VMware Workstation is a popular virtualization solution, Hypervisor Type 1 virtualization solution is used by large companies or organizations. For example, instead of multiple physical servers within a company / organization, a powerful physical server can be preferred, resulting in more benefits from the server with VMware ESXi, resulting in cost savings.

What is VMware vSphere?

VMware vSphere is a software package with ESXi, vCenter, vSphere Client, and similar software components. VMware vSphere has two main components. These;

  • VMware ESXi
  • VMware vCenter Server

For more information about VMware vSphere, visit https://www.vmware.com/products/vsphere.html.

What is VMware ESXi?

VMware ESXi is one of the components of vSphere. VMware ESXi Server is the most important part of vSphere components. ESXi is a virtualization server and you can install multiple Microsoft Servers or Microsoft Windows operating systems on a single physical server. In short, all virtual machines are built on VMware ESXi.

To control and manage the VMware ESXi Server, you need the vSphere Client software. For example, to connect to a VMware ESXi server, you can connect to the server by installing the vSphere Client on a Windows 10 operating system running on a Laptop.

What is VMware vCenter?

VMware vCenter is similar to the vSphere Client. However, VMware vCenter Server is a more powerful and useful server than the vSphere Client. You can install and configure the VMware vCenter on a Windows Server, and Linux Server.

The main purpose of VMware vCenter Server is to centrally manage virtual machines installed on VMware ESXi. In addition, you can manage the resource usage of multiple Host machines with vCenter.

What is VMware vSphere Client?

VMware vSphere Client is a host software and can be installed on operating systems such as Windows 10. You can connect to VMware ESXi Server using VMware vSphere Client. In addition, the VMware vSphere Client supports the web interface. You can use Internet Explorer to seamlessly connect to the vSphere Client.

How to Work VMware ESXi Server?

You can review the following image to understand the operating logic of VMware ESXi, vSphere, vCenter, and vSpere Client.

What is VMware ESXi, vSphere, and vCenter?

In the above view, you can see that the ESXi Server is installed on the physical server. You can see that virtual machines are installed on the ESXi Server and that vCenter Server is installed on a Windows Server virtual machine.

And the vSphere Client software is installed on a Laptop to manage the ESXi server. Using the vSphere Client software, the ESXi server can be connected and managed. In addition, vCenter can connect to the server and manage the resource utilization of virtual machines in multiple ways.

As a result, the entire infrastructure in the above image is called vSphere Software Suite.

Where Can I Download VMware ESXi, vSphere, vCenter?

After briefly talking about what is VMware ESXi, vSphere, vCenter, you can download the above software from the following links.

Download VMware ESXi 6.5 and vSphere 6.5

Download Program

Download VMware vSphere Client 6.0

Download Program

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How to Install VMware ESXi 6.5 using VMware Workstation? ⇒ Video

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