What is Virtualization Technology VTX? – Do you ever think that what is Virtualization?
What is Virtualization Technology VTX?

What is Virtualization Technology VTX?

What is Virtualization Technology VTX?

What is Virtualization Technology VTX? Now, what do you think? The virtual word seems to express something… In other words, the place and the being which we can imagine in our mind are virtual.

For example, you will design a festive card, first, you will think of shape, size, color harmony sketchy. We used the virtual system here. Now, when we think about the technology-based virtual system, let’s take an HDD to eliminate. How can I use it in a virtual way? Can we not use the HDD on our computer with the other computer at the same time? Of course not… Think virtual? How can we use it? Our computer has one operating system and one HDD.

Then I have 1 operating system on my computer, for example, my own computer Windows 10, I will put on the virtual system Windows 8. For example, we allocated 40GB from the only HDD in our hand and assigned it to Windows 8 so that we could have a single HDD in use for both operating systems.

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Virtualization Technology Definition

After the title called the What is Virtualization Technology VTX?, Now let’s explain the meaning. I think you understand Virtualization Technology a little more. Now if we make a good definition; Virtualization which provides for operating multiple operating systems with a virtualization program on a single computer and accessing resources by sharing necessary hardware requirements with virtual operating systems separated from our physical computer.

Virtualization Technology History

Virtualization is not a new idea, of course, it is based on the day-to-day 1960s. At the beginning of the 1960s, the IBM firm brought out Time-Sharing technology with great effort and development. Time-Sharing is the common use of computer resources among a group of users. It is aimed to increase the efficiency of both user and shared computer resources.

Due to a wide range of hardware requirements, IBM began designing the mainframe, designed to be compatible with other systems in the 1970s.

Vmware introduced x86 systems in 1999, with physical infrastructural costs and user desktop computer maintenance rates increasing and inadequate rescue operations being adversely affected. However, this virtualization platform was not Full Virtualization. In the following years, VMware introduced two new ESX Server and GSX Server products in 2001.

With GSX Server, users could only run virtual machines on operating systems. ESX Server is now fully virtualized to run virtual machines directly on the hardware platform, without the need for any operating system.

Virtualization progresses step by step from the past to present day and many companies are turning to virtualization solutions. Cloud Virtualization technologies have evolved since the year 2010. And nowadays is widely used.

Virtualization Technology Types

Today, during the virtualization period, many concepts are widely used. These;

1. Server Virtualization Technology
2. Desktop Virtualization Technology
3. Session Virtualization Technology
4. Network Virtualization Technology
5. Storage Virtualization Technology

1. Server Virtualization

It is the most commonly used type of virtualization in information technologies. Virtualization software is installed on a single physical server, allowing multiple independent operating systems to be installed. Under normal circumstances, a single physical server is installed for the Active Directory service. A single physical server is also set up for the DNS server. This increases the cost considerably. In such cases, using Server Virtualization technology, these tasks are shared by installing two separate server operating systems on a single server.

2. Desktop Virtualization

With desktop virtualization technology, legacy applications can be run on new systems. For example; Installing a virtualization program on the user’s computer is a desktop virtualization solution that ensures that the old version of the program is backward compatible with the operating system.

3. Session Virtualization

Session Virtualization is the process of establishing a physical or virtual server and logging on to the central server in line with the permissions granted to the user locally or remotely. This type of virtualization, also known as Terminal Server, is a remote operation by connecting through the local or remote RDP protocol. For example; Based on a program that is used jointly by a company and by having this program installed on a common server, users accessing and remotely accessing this program brings a lot of factor productivity.

To start virtualization with the VMware Workstation program, browse the topic “What is VMware Workstation? and What Does It Do?

4. Network Virtualization

Network Virtualization provides the best use of resources in the network environment as well as the most efficient use of physical ports and the highest level of security. For example; In Layer3 switches, you can create a VLAN of your choice over a single physical port using the VLAN structure. In this way, we reduce the wiring costs.

5. Storage Virtualization

Today, the importance of storage has increased considerably. Leaving large firms Even personal computer users now have small-handled storage solutions. Of course, as the company grows, so does the need for storage, and the cost is dragging along with it. As a solution here, companies are using Storage Virtualization technology. Storage technology facilitates data management and provides advanced storage management in the IT environment. Disk resources are also used 50% more efficiently.

Virtualization Technology Infrastructure

The first photo is a status before virtualization. All hardware resources are used by a single operating system.
The second photo is a status after virtualization. And all shared hardware resources use more than one operating system.

What is Virtualization Technology VTX?What is Virtualization Technology VTX?

Virtualization Softwares

After the title “What is Virtualization Technology VTX?”, let’s take a look at the Virtualization Softwares. The most used program is VMware Workstation and Microsoft Hyper-V.

What is Virtualization Technology VTX?

Install VMware Workstation for Virtualization ⇒ Video

  Final Word

What is Virtualization Technology VTX? – We have completed the topic called the What is Virtualization Technology VTX? Virtualization Technology is not used with a single server role as seen. Today, the use of Virtualization Technology has increased and continues to increase. The most beautiful virtualization program I can recommend to you is VMware Workstation.

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