What is Hypervisor that is Virtualization Component?Hypervisor is a software layer that serves between the physical machine and the virtual machine.
What is Hypervisor that is Virtualization Component?

What is Hypervisor that is Virtualization Component?

Hypervisor is a component of virtualization technology. Today, many virtualization solutions have been developed using Hypervisor software. With Hypervisor, programs have been developed that allow you to run virtual machines on your computer.

What are the Types of Hypervisors?

Hypervisor software can run on both hardware and an operating system. As a result, Hypervisor types are divided into 2 types. These;

  1. Type 1
  2. Type 2

What is Type 1 of Hypervisor?

Hypervisor Type 1 installs directly on the hardware. Hypervisor software running on hardware hosts virtual machines on its own. It builds on a physical server and minimizes costs. Hypervisor running on a physical server allows multiple Microsoft Server operating systems to be installed and managed.

Hypervisor Type 1 is also called Native and Bare Metal. As a result, Hypervisor Type 1 makes more use of a physical server.

Virtualization programs / solutions using Hypervisor Type 1 software;

What is Type 2 of Hypervisor?

Hypervisor version 2 is installed as an application on an operating system. Hypervisor Type 2 is also called Hosted Hypervisors. The virtualization programs used the Hypervisor Type 2 are;

It can not be fully utilized from a physical server with Hypervisor Type 2. Because of the Hypervisor Type 2 operates as a layer to an operating system, it will have performance problems.

Note: To enable Hypervisor software on your computer, your processor must support the virtualization feature. In addition, your processor must be 64-bit. If you do not know how to activate the virtualization feature, check out the Virtualization Technology Activation.

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