How to Unlock iPhone 6 Activation Lock? – I want to explain the exact solution!
How to Unlock iPhone 6 Activation Lock ?

How to Unlock iPhone 6 Activation Lock?

How to Unlock iPhone 6 Activation Lock?

After Apple iOS 10 update, if some apple users forget iCloud passwords, the phone becomes unavailable. As a result of Apple’s IOS 10 update, Apple has effectively solved this hurdle in older versions. There are many solutions available on the Internet for older updates, except for IOS 10. This solution, it was described in particular with many videos on YouTube, is not in IOS 10 update. This is because Apple has closed this vulnerability with the IOS 10 update.

You bought a second Apple 4, 5 or 6, but did not remove the old user’s iCloud account. You will not be able to open the phone until you have removed the account. Especially if you update your phone to iOS 10, the solutions you are looking for on the internet will never work.

In this case, you may want to contact the old user and remove the account.

You have probably tried various solution methods but you still can not reach the solution. You’ve reached apple iOS 10 iCloud unblocking on Google or Apple iOS 10 iCloud account removal, but you have not found a solution yet. Then you will find the exact solution to this problem by reading this article.

Older Apple updates IOS9, IOS8 or IOS7 iCloud account removal can be easy. Nowadays only those who continue to spend money on video and try to monetize with advertising fees attract fake or fake videos for apple phones with IOS 10 update. I suggest that you do not spend your time with blank videos like this.

Unlocking iPhone 6 Activation Lock

♦ You bought a second Apple iPhone 6. But the old user did not remove the iCloud account from the phone. You also want to open your phone and enter your iCloud account, but you can not take any steps because the old account is on the phone.

♦ You reset your Apple iPhone 6 phone. But you did not remove the account. When you try to turn on the phone again, iCloud asks for your account password. But you forgot the password? What will happen now?

♦ Do you forget the password for your Gmail or Hotmail extension email address? You do not know security questions, etc., or do you remember anything?

♦ You will not be able to open the phone because there are no steps to be taken!

♦ It seems like you have forgotten the passwords of the iPhone 6 phone that you bought as a second hand and uninstalling the iCloud account is a torture.

   Exact Solution

First, you need to find the bill for the phone. Once you have found the invoice, you must contact Apple and send this invoice as an e-mail. Apple will send you an informational mail after you send the invoice by mail. After Apple confirms that you own the phone in the next few days, the iCloud account that was locked through the phone’s IMEI number will be removed.

After removing the iCloud account, you can open a new mail account and create an iCloud account with this mail account and open your phone. Remind me again that you will not lose your email account or your iCloud account. It is useful to note a small note.

  Final Word

How to Unlock iPhone 6 Activation Lock? – I am here pointing the article called the “How to Unlock iPhone 6 Activation Lock ? “. To unlock iPhone 6 activation lock is the most effective way. The iCloud activation lock removal is so simple.

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