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What is Wireshark Software and Why Wireshark is Used?

What is Wireshark Software and Why Wireshark is Used?Wireshark is a network packet analysis (Packet Sniffer) program and was previously known as Ethereal. The Internet-connected interface of a computer with the Wireshark program installed can be instantly monitored and recorded.

What is Wireshark Software and Why Wireshark is Used?

What is Wireshark Software and Why Wireshark is Used?

Wireshark program is an open source and troubleshooting tool that monitors network traffic and instantly catches packages. Today, the Wireshark program is one of the most popular tools. Due to the fact that it is Open Source, it gets stronger over time and distributes under the GPL license.

Wireshark, a network analysis, and packet capture program, has the ability to monitor and capture all TCP/IP messages. It can monitor and report all internet and network data stream on the local networks and global networks.

Wireshark program supports many operating systems and is also distributed free of charge. This network monitoring software makes it easy for users to read data packets. When installing this program on your computer, a program called WinPcap will also be installed.

If you ask what is WinPcap, the WinPcap program is the tool that does the actual job and listens to the network interfaces. As a result, WinPcap provides instant reports to this program while listening to the network. Wireshark supports many protocols and provides ease of use. Also, it supports over 700 protocols and you can also examine the protocol source in detail.

It also can be run and used on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix and BSD based operating systems.

Why Wireshark is Used?

We can find many answers to what Wireshark is useful for. This packet analysis program can be used for many purposes. For example; you are a system administrator and your workplace network is running very slowly. By using this program, you can analyze your network and generate a detailed report.

Let’s put in order the usage areas;

1. It is used to solve protocol mistakes and to understand the working logic.
2. It is used to monitor and report errors on the network.
3. It is used to improve the performance of your network and detect unnatural data flow.
4. It can not catch packets just instantaneously. Used to examine a previously saved Pcap package.
5. It is used by network administrators to solve network problems.
6. It is used by software developers to debug problems.
7. It is used by those who want to improve themselves in the field of Siber Security (Cyber Security).
8. It is used to determine DoS attacks.
9. It is used to observe how computer networks work.
10. How is a computer receiving IP addresses? It is used to understand that.

Where Can I Download the Wireshark Program?

You can download the network monitoring program from your own site according to your operating system. If you are a software developer, there is also a platform to support the development.

What Wireshark Is Not?

After explaining what is Wireshark, let’s briefly explain what Wireshark is not.

1. It is NOT an IDS (Intrusion Detection System).
2.If a hacker is attacking to your network, this program only detects these attacks and NOT AVOID them.
3. It will NOT AFFECT to your network.
4. It will NOT SEND the package.

How to Choose the Interface to Capture?

The interface you choose in this Packet Sniffer software will be of great importance. If you are accessing via Internet Wifi, you will need to select the Wifi adapter for the program interface.

If you are using a virtualization program like VMware, VirtualBox, you need to choose the interface that is connected to your virtual machine. For example; For VMware network card = VMware Network Adapter VMnet1.

To select a network card and listen to the network, double-click on the network card to be captured as in the following image.

What is Wireshark Software and Why Wireshark is Used?

Now the traffic of the transactions that I have connected to the Internet and have done is recorded instantaneously. To filter on the program, click on the section you see in the image below.

In addition to this information, you can filter through the network analysis program and view the entries on the network.

What is Wireshark Software and Why Wireshark is Used?

Then type ICMP in the filter section and press Enter. Open the CMD command prompt and Ping the default gateway. As soon as pinging from your computer to your router, the program will instantaneously capture and report packets as follows.

What is Wireshark Software and Why Wireshark is Used?

How to Install Wireshark in Windows 10? ⇒ Video

After briefly mentioning what is Wireshark, you can watch the following video for its installation on Windows 10 operating system. Also, subscribe to our YouTube channel to support us!

   Final Word

In this article, we examined the most powerful program for analyzing IP packets on the network. With the network analysis program, we can see and solve the odds on our network. In addition, Wireshark training is available and you can take the certification exams. In our next tutorial, we will analyze the TCP/IP packets with Wire shark usage and detailed filters. Thanks for following us!

If this article is helpful, please send us feedback by commenting. Thanks in advance, take care of yourself!

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