What is Streaming?

Streaming is a technology that allows you to listen and view files while downloading them over the Internet, making it easier to download and play audio and video on the web.

What is Streaming?

What is Streaming on the Internet?

When streaming is not used, to view multimedia content on the Web, the entire file must first be downloaded to the computer and then the content of the file must be determined and then run with the appropriate software. Thus, the executable of the file is made faster and the file can be seen and heard during download.

How Does It Work?

Streaming broadcast is performed by first connecting to the relevant server from the user’s computer and sending the files. In this case, the client starts receiving the file and creates a buffer to save the information.

When the buffer is filled with a small portion of the file, the client starts viewing the content and continues downloading at the same time, and the system synchronizes the files so that the user can view the content while downloading and finishes viewing the file when it downloads.

If the speed of the Internet connection drops while the file is being downloaded, the display is tolerated by using the information in the buffer. If the data transfer transmission is interrupted for too long, the buffer is emptied and the file execution is also interrupted until the connection is restored.

In reality, the Streaming process is a technology that is used more in computers. For example, media player programs such as Windows Media Player or BS Player can be made to receive and display multimedia content via streaming.

When audio or video is added to web pages, Streaming technology makes it easier for visitors to access online media. To do this, it is necessary to save multimedia files in the format supported by streaming programs and configure some settings when uploading them to the Internet and placing them on the page.

In order to convert audio and video files to the format of each streaming program, a special program can be downloaded and used from the manufacturer’s web page of the respective program. Also, when developing the Web with multimedia content, users should not be forced to use only certain plugins on the market.

Server Structure

Basically, it is not necessary to have a dedicated server to create streaming services such as live streaming on a website and to embed audio or video files. Using any regular server, relevant information can be sent and the client plays an important role in viewing the files.

In addition to these, there are also servers specially prepared for streaming. In most cases, it is not necessary to use these servers, but they can provide significant benefits, such as sending higher or lower quality files depending on the speed of the line.

In certain situations, such as starting a radio station or broadcasting a live broadcast, it will be important to have a powerful streaming server where the signal will be sent without interruption.

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