What is DivX?

DivX is a video encoding format that runs on Windows 9x and NT. Combined with MP3 audio compression, it delivers higher picture quality superior to VHS at less than 1 Mbit/s throughput.

What is DivX?

What is the DivX File Extension?

It enables a movie to be compressed 400 times in DVD format and provides distribution over CD-ROM in flawless digital quality and with great ease of transmission over the Internet.

DivX mixes the latest compression technologies, MPEG4 and MP3 for video and audio respectively, making it possible for hackers to download and use a small application of only 570 kb.

For macOS, GNU/Linux, and Windows operating systems, American DivX Inc., whose main function is to decode and encode a digital signal. is a set of tools developed by the company.


MPEG is a moving picture format formalized by the International Organization for Standardization, and as this format was developed an identification number was added to its new versions.

MPEG-1 is a format designed to achieve acceptable quality in VCDs, a type of video supported by almost all DVD players today. So you can record a movie on CD and watch it on a DVD player.

Originally this format was developed for live broadcast on digital televisions. However, with the advent of the Internet age, the data on the new material CD-ROM, which has become much more popular and where movies are stored, was recorded with this extension.

SuperVCD, which is the development of VCD, is used in the MPEG-2 standard. MPEG-4 is the most commonly used format with about one-tenth compression, as it can achieve a quality very close to that of DVD.

In this format, the AVI format became popular instead of the Microsoft designed ASF of the output format. This newly created codec was named 3.11 alpha.

The name of this codec is not related to the system, which is a pay-per-view format. This format required special readers that had to be connected to a telephone line.

This format was introduced in 1998 and discontinued in 2001, but there was a major hurdle that avoided Microsoft’s possible demand.

For this reason, Project Mayo was created, which, thanks to the developers of the open-source community, publishes the source code for its product to be applicable to all platforms and to gain quality and additions.

Following this big step, Gej co-founded DivX Networks Inc. with attorney Jordan Greenhall.

Shortly after, version 4, the legal version of the codec, was released, but this code was closed and became part of the company.

The codec continued to be completely free, and this was improved in versions 4.01, 4.02, 4.11, and 4.12.

In addition, it allowed a new compression technique called 2-pass compression where better qualities were achieved due to the possibility of using variable bitrate compared to the constant bitrate method.

Later they released two types of version 5. The first was 5.0 Lite, a basic version and completely free. Although this version was a small improvement over 4.12, the 5.0 Pro version was a real innovation but was not free.

The company released two versions of the 5 Pro, the GAIN version was free but included the installation of a software called Spyware.

How to Make It?

First, the original content of the disc must be extracted from the DVD with a decryption tool using various programs.

Next, the video content must be saved in the original MPEG-2 format with the codec of this extension. This process will create an AVI file with no audio content.

The next process is to convert the original audio content in Dolby AC3 encoding to an MP3 format similar to the above.

Finally, both sources of information are combined to create a video file in AVI format with significantly higher quality than conventional video.

How to Open or Play?

It is quite simple to open or play files that use this codec on your computer or readers. Because the mainstream video players already let you work with it.

For example, the VLC player is fully compatible with this extension, so you won’t have to worry about whether a video will be compressed with this format.

In addition, the company has software called DivX Player for Windows and macOS that was developed for this video file.

Most mobile devices can also open these files with their default player, and some SmartTVs are no longer compatible with this format.

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