How to Upgrade VMware Workstation on Windows 10

In this article, we will review the steps to upgrade the VMware Workstation virtual machine program running on the Windows 10 operating system to the latest version.

How to Upgrade VMware Workstation on Windows 10

How to Upgrade VMware Workstation on Windows 10

VMware is continually releasing updates for the new operating system compatibility and some performance enhancements for the virtualization program.

The VM Workstation program is not updated automatically. However, when you run VM Workstation, the Software Updates window appears. From the Software Updates window, you can download and install the latest version of VMware Workstation.

For example, if you have VMware Workstation 12 Pro, you can upgrade to VMware Workstation 14 Pro for free.

After upgrading the VMware software, you may need to upgrade your virtual machines’ hardware compatibility.

Tip: Instead of updating VM Workstation on Windows 10, completely uninstall all VM Workstation files using Your Uninstaller program. Then, download this program from its website and install to your computer.

How to Update VMware Workstation to Latest Version

The latest version of VMware software is 14.1.0. We will update the VM Workstation 14 version we are using to 14.1.0. For system requirements, you can review the following list.

CPU Support

  • Intel Atom processors based on the 2011 “Bonnell”  micro-architecture (e.g. Atom Z670/Z650; Atom N570)
  • Systems using AMD processors based on the “Llano” and “Bobcat” micro-architectures (e.g. code-named “Hondo”, “Ontario”, “Zacate”, “Llano”)
  • Systems using Intel Atom processors based on the 2012 “Saltwell” micro-architecture (e.g. Atom S1200, Atom D2700/D2500, Atom N2800/N2600.
  • Systems using Intel processors based on the 2010 “Westmere” micro-architecture (e.g. Xeon 5600, Xeon 3600, Core i7-970, Core i7-980, Core i7-990)
  • 3GHz or faster core speed
  • 2GB RAM minimum/ 4GB RAM or more recommended

Host Operating System (64 Bit) Support

  • Ubuntu 14.04 and above
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 & above
  • CentOS 6.0 and above
  • Oracle Linux 6.0 and above
  • open SUSE Leap 42.2 and above
  • SUSE Linux 12 and above

Guest Operating System Support

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.X
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP
  • Ubuntu
  • RedHat
  • SUSE
  • Oracle Linux
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • openSUSE
  • Mint
  • CentOS

Note: The system requirements for VMware 14 Pro have been taken from its website to provide accurate information.

After reviewing the system requirements, follow these steps in order to update VMware Workstation.

   Step 1

From the search menu, search and run VM Workstation.

Starting VMware Workstation

   Step 2

After running VM Workstation, the Software Updates will appear as below. Click the Download and Install button to continue.

Software Updates

   Step 3

The necessary files, such as VM Tools, are downloading from the VMware server.

Downloading VMware Workstation Latest Version

   Step 4

The latest version of the virtualization program is downloading.

Downloading VMware Workstation Pro Version

   Step 5

After downloading the necessary files for the update, the Setup window will appear. Start the installation by clicking Next. If you see an error like in the following image, click OK and terminate VMware.exe from the task manager.

Ending VMware.exe

   Step 6

To accept the license agreement, select I accept the terms of the License Agreement and click Next.

VMware Workstation Pro Setup Wizard

   Step 7

To accept the license agreement, check the I accept the terms of the license agreement and click on the Next button.

I accept the terms of the license agreement

   Step 8

Select Enhanced Keyboard Driver and click Next.

Enhanced Keyboard Driver

   Step 9

Check the options below for user experience and click Next button to continue the installation.

User Experinece Settings

   Step 10

To create a shortcut to the Desktop, continue with the installation by selecting Desktop.

Creating Shortcuts for VMware

   Step 11

Click on the Upgrade button to update the virtual machine program.

Update VMware

   Step 12

Downloading the new version of the program …

Install VMware Workstation Pro

   Step 13

Once the VMware upgrade is complete, click Finish to close the window.

Upgrading VMware Workstation

   Step 14

The VMware version upgrade process completed successfully. Restart your computer to take effect after installation.

Restart PC

   Step 15

After the upgrade, open the program and check the version of the program from Help / About.

VMware Latest Version

How to Upgrade VMware Workstation on Windows 10 ⇒ Video

You can watch the video below to upgrade the VMware version, and you can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to support us.

VMware Update Video

   Final Word

In this article, we have completed the steps of upgrading the version of VM Workstation 14 Pro installed on Windows 10 to 14.1.0 Pro. Thanks for following us!

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