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What is Virtualization Technology VTX?

Virtualization technology is the use of hardware resources from a single physical computer or server to achieve greater efficiency. With VTx, you can run many virtual machines on a computer or server.

What is Virtualization Technology VTX?

What is Virtualization Technology VTX?

Virtualization technology in the information world helps to reduce the cost of IT resources of small or large companies. Using more than one Server in a network topology increases IT costs. Therefore, companies with more than one server use Virtualization Technology to minimize IT costs.

With VTx, you can share hardware devices such as CPU, Ram, and Display Card of a server for multiple virtual machines. As a result, you will have more than one running virtual machine on a single server, and you will reduce your IT equipment expenses.

History of Virtualization Technology

Virtualization Technology dates from the 1960s to the present day. At the beginning of the 1960s, the IBM firm brought out Time-Sharing technology with great effort and development. Time-Sharing is the common use of computer resources among a group of users. It aimed to increase the productivity of both user and shared computer resources.

Due to the high hardware requirements, IBM began designing mainframe computers that were designed to be compatible with other systems over the years.

Vmware introduced x86 systems in 1999, as physical infrastructure costs and user desktop computer maintenance rates increased and due to insufficient recovery activities. However, this platform was not Full VTx. In the following years, VMware introduced two new products for ESX Server and GSX Server in 2001.

With GSX Server, users could only run virtual machines on the operating system. In the following years, important steps were taken to run virtual machines directly on the hardware without requiring any operating system with ESX Server.

Virtualization Technologies have made rapid progress from day to day, and from the year 2010 onwards, Cloud Technologies have become widespread.

What are Virtualization Types?

Virtualization Technology (VTx) is not only a virtual machine, it is also used in many areas. Let’s explain VTx types / varieties.

   Server Virtualization

It is the type of VTx most commonly used in the information technology sector. Server VTx software can be installed on a single physical server, and multiple virtual computers can be run on it.

But with Server VTx, you do not need to buy new equipment to run other services on the same server.

   Desktop Virtualization

Desktop VTx is a concept that indicates that the personal computer desktop environment must be separated from the physical machine using a client-server computer model.

   Session Virtualization

Session VTx is the concept of establishing a physical or virtual server to log on to the central server in the direction of a user’s local or remote granted permissions. This type of VTx, also known as Terminal Server, is the connection to the RDP protocol from the local network or over the WAN.

   Network Virtualization

Network VTx provides the best use of resources in the network environment as well as the most efficient use of physical ports and the highest level of security. For example; we can give an example of configuring VLANs for clients at different locations on the local network.

   Storage Virtualization

Storage VTx is the management of multiple network storage devices from a single location centrally. All storage devices are configured and managed as a single storage device. Storage VTx simplifies data management and provides advanced storage management and security for IT managers.

VT Infrastructure

The VT operational logic is as follows.

1. The first photo is the state before VT. All hardware resources use a single operating system.
2. The second photo is the state after VT. And all shared hardware resources use more than one operating system.

What is Virtualization Technology VTX?What is Virtualization Technology VTX?

What are VT Programs?

After briefly mentioning what Virtualization Technology is, let’s give an example to the VT programs. The most commonly used VT programs are:

  1. VMware Workstation
  2. Oracle VM VirtualBox
  3. Hyper-V
  4. VMware Fusion
  5. Proxmox
  6. Xen Project
  7. OpenVZ

What is Virtualization Technology VTX?

How to Install VMware Workstation Software ⇒ Video

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   Final Word

In today’s technology age, VT is becoming more and more important, and small or large companies tend to opt for VT solutions to minimize IT equipment costs. In this article, we have discussed about what is virtualization technology. Thanks for following us!

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