How to Take Snapshot in VirtualBox on Windows 10

In this article, we will examine the steps to take a Snapshot of virtual machines used in Oracle VM VirtualBox virtualization software.

How to Take Snapshot in VirtualBox on Windows 10

How to Take Snapshot on VM in Oracle VM VirtualBox

The use of Snapshot in VirtualBox can be compared to the Restore service used in Windows operating systems.

It is recommended you get Backup before installing an important program on a VM on VirtualBox or performing a critical Windows update. In the event of a serious system failure, you can easily restore your system to its previous state with the backup you received.

Using Snapshot in virtualization programs such as VBox and VMware Workstation is the main reason to reduce the error rate of the operating system and to take precautions against errors that may occur.

NOT: The use of Snapshot on the latest version 6.0.4 of Oracle VM VBox is the same!

How to Take Snapshot of a VM in Oracle VM VirtualBox

Taking a backup on a virtual machine on VirtualBox is an easy process. We will take a backup of a VM and restore it from backup again.

Follow the steps below to take Snapshot in VBox in order.

   Step 1

Open the Oracle VM VBox program and run the VM you want to backup.

Running the Virtual Machine on VirtualBox

   Step 2

Once the virtual machine is running, click on Machine / Take Snapshot from the menu.

Windows 7 Virtual Machine

   Step 3

Type a name and description for the backup and click OK.

Take Snapshot of Virtual Machine

   Step 4

Wait while you are getting a backup of your virtual machine. This process will complete in about 1 minute.

Saving the Machine State

   Step 5

Once you have received the backup, click on the Snapshots section as shown below.

Using the VirtualBox Snapshot Menu

   Step 6

You can see the current status of the VM in the window below. You can also perform Restore in this window.

Review Snapshot's Current Status on VirtualBox

How to Restore VM to a Previous Snapshot

For example, after Snapshot is received, the operating system installed on the VM has collapsed. To recover your operating system, you can restore your backup on the VM and use it again in a short period of time.

That’s why using Snapshot in Oracle VBox is a great feature.

   Step 1

Click on the Restore button on the Windows 7 VM in the right pane.

Restoring Snapshot on VirtualBox

   Step 2

The following window informs you that it will return from the backup named Snapshot-Fresh. If the option “Create a snapshot of the current VM” is checked, unchecked it and click on the Restore button.

Confirm VirtualBox Snapshot Restore

   Step 3

Wait while the Windows 7 VM restore.

Obtaining Snapshot for Virtual Machine on VirtualBox

   Step 4

Windows 7 VM restored from backup. To use the Snapshot in VBox, create a new folder on the desktop of the virtual machine and close the VM.

Closing Windows 7 Virtual Machine

   Step 5

Restore the Windows 7 VM again.

How to Use Take Snapshot in VirtualBox on Windows 10

   Step 6

Likewise, click on the Restore button to continue.

Confirm Restore in VirtualBox

   Step 7

Wait while the Windows VM restore.

Restoring Virtual Machine from Snapshot on VirtualBox

   Step 8

As you can see in the image below, the Windows 7 VM was restored to its previous state because the created folder is no longer available.

Viewing the Deletion of the Folder on the Windows 7 Desktop

   Step 9

In the window below you can see the virtual machine information from the backup taken.

Taking Snapshot in VirtualBox

How to Take Backup in Oracle VM Software on Windows 10 ⇒ Video

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   Final Word

In this article, we have reviewed Snapshot, one of the most frequently used features when using the VBox virtualization program. Thanks for following us!

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