How to Install VirtualBox 6.0.4 on Kali Linux 2019.1a

In this article, we will examine how to install Oracle VM VirtualBox virtualization program on Kali Linux 2019.1a operating system.

How to Install VirtualBox 6.0.4 on Kali Linux 2019.1a

How to Install Oracle VM VirtualBox on Kali Linux

Kali Linux is a Debian-based Linux distribution developed by Offensive Security. If you have not installed Kali before, you can check out our article here.

Oracle VM VirtualBox is a free virtualization application that can be installed on Intel and AMD processor computers. VBox virtualization program can be installed on operating systems such as Windows, Linux, macOS, Solaris.

Running Oracle VB on Windows is very easy, but when you setup VBox on a Linux distribution, you may sometimes encounter the errors.

In our previous articles, we installed Oracle VM Software on other Linux distributions. You can check our articles out in the links below.

In this article, we are going to install Oracle VB Software on Kali Linux 2019.1a version step by step.

NOTE: You can also install VirtualBox 6.0.4 on Kali Linux 2019.1a by following the steps below.

How to Install Oracle VM VirtualBox 6.0.4 on Kali 2019.1a

After installing Kali Linux, you need to install Oracle VM Software or VMware Workstation to install and run a Windows, Linux-based operating system or macOS VM on your system.

VBox is the most preferred application because it is a free virtualization program. To install VB Software on Kali system, follow the steps below.

   Step 1

To download VB Software for Linux, visit and click on Linux distributions.

Downloading VirtualBox for Linux

   Step 2

If you are using Kali 64 Bit, you need to download the Amd64 version. Kali is Debian based, so please click on the Ubuntu 18.04 / 18.10 / Debian 10 option to download VB Software.

Downloading VirtualBox for Linux

   Step 3

Open the Terminal on Kali and navigate to the location where you downloaded the VM Software. To start setting up Oracle VM software on Kali, execute the dpkg -i virtualbox-6.0_6.0.4-125813-Ubuntu-bionic_amd64.deb command in Terminal.

dpkg -i virtualbox-6.0_6.0.4-128413-Ubuntu-bionic_amd64.deb

As you can see in the image below, there was an error with dependent packets in the program setup. To run VBox in Kali OS, you must install these dependent packages.

Running VirtualBox.deb Package

   Step 4

To install libcurl4, libqt5opengl5, libqt5x11extras5, and libsdl1.2debian for VB installation, it is best to update Kali OS repositories first. Execute nano /etc/apt/sources.list in Terminal and add the following addresses.

Editing Kali Sources.list

   Step 5

Use the apt-get update command to update your system’s package lists.

apt-get update

   Step 6

In order to install Oracle VM Sofware, execute apt-get install dkms build-essential in Terminal to install dependent packages.

apt-get install dkms build-essential

If you encounter an error during installation, execute “apt –fix-broken install” command in Terminal.

apt --fix-broken install

   Step 7

After you build VBox to your system, type virtualbox in the terminal and press Enter to run the program. If you encounter a kernel (4.15.0-kali2-amd64) error while running VBox Software as in the image below, proceed to the next step.

Running VBox in Linux

   Step 8

To fix the kernel (4.15.0-kali2-amd64) error, first download the package from here to your computer and then execute the dpkg -i linux-headers-4.15-0-kali2-amd64.deb command in Terminal.

dpkg -i linux-headers-4.15-0-kali2-amd64.deb

When installing the kernel (4.15.0-kali2-amd64) package, you can check the following image to see if there are any required packages. These packages; linux-headers-4.15.0-kali2-common, linux-kbuild-4.15, and linux-compiler-gcc-7-x86.

How to Install VirtualBox 6.0.4 on Kali Linux 2019.1a

   Step 9

You can find linux-headers-4.15.0-kali2-common, linux-kbuild-4.15, and linux-compiler-gcc-7-x86 in the folder you have downloaded. Build these dependent packages on your system as follows.

How to Install VirtualBox 6.0.4 on Kali Linux 2019.1a

   Step 10

After you successfully setup VirtualBox on Kali, you can learn the version of the program from Help / About.

How to Install VirtualBox 6.0.4 on Kali Linux 2019.1a

How to Setup Oracle VM Software 6.0.4 on Kali 2019.1a ⇒ Video

You can watch the video below to setup Oracle VM Software in Kali OS step by step, and you can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to support us!

How to Download and Configure Extension Pack for VBox

After running the Oracle VM VirtualBox virtualization software on your system, the first thing you must do without creating a new VM is to add the Extension Pack software to the program.

So if you want to learn how to add the Extension Pack to Oracle virtualization software step by step, you can click on the image below to see our article.

How to Install VirtualBox 6.0.4 on Kali Linux 2019.1a

To apply these steps, you can also watch the video tutorial below.

   Final Word

In this article, we have examined how to setup Oracle VM VirtualBox 6.0.4 on Kali Linux 2019.1a and how to setup dependent packages step by step. Thanks for following us!

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