How to Install WordPress on Localhost using WampServer on Windows 10

This article will cover installing WordPress on Localhost in Windows 10 or other Windows-based operating systems and making the necessary settings and connections.

How to Install WordPress on Localhost using WampServer on Windows 10

How to Configure WordPress in Windows 10 Localhost

Before you start installing WordPress, you need to install WampServer. To prevent general problems when installing WampServer, we will install IIS (Internet Information Services) on the Windows operating system and then stop it.

To set up WordPress on localhost using WampServer, follow the steps below.

Step 1

To open the Run window, together press the Windows + R keys, type services.msc, and click OK.


Step 2

You can examine the IIS (www) service in the Services window from the following image. To install the IIS service, access the Programs and Features option by right-clicking on the start menu.

Windows Services

Step 3

Click the Programs and Properties window’s Turn Windows features on or off option.

Windows Features

Step 4

In the Windows Properties window, select the Internet Information Services checkbox.

Internet Information Services

Step 5

After selecting it, start the installation by clicking the OK button.

Enabling Internet Information Services

Step 6

Wait while the IIS service installs.

IIS Service

Step 7

After installing the IIS service, click Close to close the window.

Windows Completed the Requested Changes

Step 8

You can see that the WWW publishing service is enabled in the Services box.

Checking IIS Service

Step 9

To stop this service, you must disable it in the property window.

Stop WWW Service

Step 10

After the service stops, click OK to continue.

Word Wide Web

How to Install WampServer on Windows 10

Follow the steps below to install WampServer step by step on the Windows 10 operating system.

Step 1

Now enter the first site after typing WampServer in the Google Search Box. After opening the WampServer site, click Download.

How to Install WampServer

Step 2

If your Windows 10 operating system is 64 Bit, download WampServer 64 Bit from this window.

Download WampServer

Step 3

Upon clicking the Download button, a little window will appear. Click the direct download option here.

Download WampServer 64 Bit

Step 4

Please wait for a little while until the WampServer download process begins.

Your Download Will Start Shortly

Step 5

After downloading the program, run it as an administrator.

Running the Software as Administrator

Step 6

Select the English language by default from the Setup Language window, then click OK to continue.

Select Setup Language

Step 7

In the License Agreement window, select Accept the Agreement. Then, click Next.

License Agreement

Step 8

In the WampServer information window, click Next.

Reading Setup Information

Step 9

In the Select Destination Location window, do not change the value of C:\wamp64 and click Next.

Select Destination Location

Step 10

In the Start Menu Folder setting, click the Next button.

Select Start Menu Folder

Step 11

In the Ready to Install, click the Install button.

Ready to Install

Step 12

Wait while installing WampServer.

Installing WampServer

Step 13

WampServer will use the Internet Explorer browser by default in the system. When the Setup window opens, you can select the desired browser after answering Yes to whether you want to choose another browser on your system.

Selecting Web Browser

Step 14

To select the default browser, continue by selecting iexplore.exe in the window that opens.


Step 15

Here, WampServer says that it will use the Text Editor by default. Here, WampServer says that it will use the Text Editor by default. Click No to continue the installation.

Selecting Text Editor

Step 16

After reading the information in this window, click Next to continue.

Finishing the Setup

Step 17

After the WampServer installation is complete, click Finish.

Completing the WampServer64 Setup Wizard

Step 18

Right-click the WampServer shortcut on your desktop and click Run as administrator.

Start WampServer as Administrator

How to Fix MSVCR110.dll in Windows 10

Yeah! Many people encounter this error! A missing DLL error on the operating system is the cause of the MSVCR110.dll error.

Follow the steps below to fix the MSVCR110.dll error to run WordPress on WmpServer.

Step 1

Download the MSVCR110.dll file from the following button and copy it to C:\Windows\System32.

Download MSVCR110

MSVCR110.dll Error! Click OK to continue.

Windows 10 MSVCR110.dll Error

Step 2

After copying the MSVCR110.dll file, you can see that the WampServer shortcut is Green after opening the program by clicking on the program shortcut. Now click on the program, then click phpMyAdmin.

Starting PhpMyAdmin

Step 3

Click PhpMyAdmin.

Configuring PhpMyAdmin

Step 4

The user name is Root by default on the phpMyAdmin page. The password section must be empty. Continue by clicking the Go button.

Welcome to the PhpMyAdmin

Step 5

The initial step involves creating a new database on the phpMyAdmin page.

Create a New Database in PhpMyAdmin

Step 6

Type the name you want as the database name, and then select utf8_general_ci in the language code and click the Create button.


Step 7

Click the database you created. Then click the Authorities section.


Step 8

You can create another user name in the Authorities section and grant full authority to access the database. By default, it is Root.

Editing Authorities

How to Install Localhost WordPress on Windows 10

You can now proceed with the installation steps after you have installed WampServer, the program required to use WordPress on Windows 10.

Step 1

Now, first, download WordPress’s latest version to your computer.

Download WordPress

Step 2

After downloading WordPress, extract the compressed file. And then, copy all the files to install WordPress.

Copying All the Files

Step 3

Head over to the installation directory of WampServer.

Viewing Wamp64 Folder

Step 4

Click the www folder in the WampServer folder.

Viewing WWW Folder

Step 5

Paste all the WordPress installation files you copied into the www folder.

Pasting Copied Files

Step 6

Everything is fine until this step!

Localhost Files

Step 7

Launch the Internet Explorer Browser, enter localhost in the URL field, and hit Enter.

Connecting to Localhost with Internet Explorer

Step 8

On the WordPress setup screen, click Let’s Get Started.

Getting Started with WordPress

Step 9

Type the database name that you created in phpMyAdmin.

Writing Database Information

Step 10

Type Root for the username and leave the database password blank. Then click Submit.


Step 11

Click the Install button.


Step 12

You can input all of the relevant information for your site here. You need to set a strong password for your WordPress admin panel. Then, click the Install WordPress button to complete the installation.

Configuring WordPress Admin Login Information

Step 13

If the database connection with WordPress is successful, as seen in the picture below, continue by clicking the Login button.


Step 14

Enter your designated username and password credentials, and subsequently, initiate the login process by selecting the “Login” option.

Wp-Admin Login

Step 15

You have finished installing WordPress using WampServer on Windows 10!

Welcome to WordPress!


In this article, we have examined how to install WordPress step by step. A website hosted on a WordPress infrastructure is easy to manage, but add-ons that you add to your site can sometimes fail. As a result, you should constantly create a backup of your website. Thanks for following us!

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