How to Install Wine 7.18 (Devel) on openSUSE Leap 15 (15.4)

In this article, we will examine how to set up and use Wine software developed by WineHQ, which is the best program to run Windows programs and games on openSUSE Leap 15 Linux distribution.

How to Install Wine on openSUSE Leap 15

How to Use Wine 7.18 (Devel) to Run Windows Program or Game on openSUSE Leap 15 (15.4)

One of the most commonly used methods by users to run any Windows-based program on Linux-based operating systems is Wine. With this software, you can also use a program or game used on Windows on Linux.

After installing 32 Bit and 64 Bit versions of Wine on your Linux computer, you can run an old or new EXE program on your system. In this way, you do not need to install a virtual machine or a Windows operating system with the dual-boot method.

In this way, you can easily run both 32 Bit and 64 Bit applications on your computer using WineHQ and focus on your work without interruption.

How to Download and Install Wine

Depending on the version of your openSUSE system, you need to add the appropriate repository for WineHQ. In this case, you can install the latest version of the software released by WineHQ on your PC.

   Step 1

According to the desktop environment you use on your SUSE system, open the terminal and execute the “sudo zypper addrepo” command to define the Wine repo source to your system.

sudo zypper addrepo

Adding the Wine Repository Address

   Step 2

After defining the source of the SUSE Emulators repository, execute the “sudo zypper refresh” command in the terminal to update the software list of your system and confirm to trust the added pubkey.

sudo zypper refresh

Updating the openSUSE Repository List

   Step 3

After preparing your system for Wine, execute the “sudo zypper install wine” command in the terminal to install the program, and press Y and Enter to confirm the packages to be installed on your PC.

sudo zypper install wine

Installing Wine

   Step 4

After installing the Wine application, you can open the program’s settings by using the “winecfg” command in the terminal.


Opening WineHQ Settings

   Step 5

When Wine Configuration opens, you can set the graphics, system version, or library settings and check the installed version from About.

Checking the Wine Version

How to Install a Windows Software

After installing Wine on your openSUSE system, you can test software running on Windows systems by downloading and installing it on your system.

   Step 1

One of the widely preferred note applications in Windows operating systems is the EditPad Lite program. If you want to install this program on your Linux PC, you can download the setup (EXE) file by using the “wget” command in the terminal.

You can use the “wine SetupEditPadLite.exe” command in the terminal to install the EXE program you downloaded.

wine SetupEditPadLite.exe

EditPadLite Download

   Step 2

When the setup wizard of the EditPad Lite program starts, click Immediate Installation to perform a quick installation.

EditPad Lite Setup Wizard

   Step 3

When the installation is completed quickly, click the Thanks button to close the wizard.

Closing the Note Program's Setup Wizard

   Step 4

When the EditPad Lite application is opened automatically, you can check the version by clicking Help / About from the tool menu and start taking notes of your work.

Checking Just Great Software EditPad Lite Version

   Step 5

If you want to run the note application again later, you can use the command ( wine “C:\Program Files\Just Great Software\EditPad Lite 8\EditPadLite8.exe” ) in the terminal.

wine "C:\Program Files\Just Great Software\EditPad Lite 8\EditPadLite8.exe"

Rerunning the Program with Wine

How to Uninstall Wine

If you no longer want to use Windows games or software on your SUSE computer, you can completely remove all Wine-related packages from your system.

   Step 1

To completely delete all Wine related packages from your system, execute the “sudo zypper remove wine*” command in the terminal and confirm with Y after checking the packages to be removed.

sudo zypper remove wine*

Completely Uninstalling WineHQ from the System

   Step 2

After uninstalling WineHQ from your SUSE PC, you can use the “sudo zypper info wine” command in the terminal to verify if it is installed.

sudo zypper info wine

Checking Program Status with Zypper


Installing Old Versions

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