How to Install VirtualBox Extension Pack in Linux Mint 19.1 / 18

In this article, we will install Extension Pack for Oracle VM VirtualBox virtualization software running on Linux Mint 18 / 19.1.

How to Install VirtualBox Extension Pack in Linux Mint

How to Add Extension Pack in Linux Mint 19.1 / 18

The Extension Pack is a required package for virtual machines created in Oracle VM VirtualBox.

You can download the VBox Extension Pack package from and add it to VB. The main reason for adding VB Driver Pack is to setup the Guest Additions that are required after installing a Windows or Linux operating system on the virtual machine.

If we explain briefly what is the Extension Pack, it is an additional software package to get more performance from a virtual machine and get more performance.

Previously, if you did not install the Oracle VM VirtualBox virtualization program on your computer, you can check out the following articles.

In the previous article, we installed Oracle VM Software on Mint. In this article, we will setup the Ext Pack for the VB program installed on Mint.

NOTE: You can also configure the Extension Pack for VirtualBox 6.0.10 by following this guide.

How to Setup Extension Pack Step by Step

Install Oracle VBox on the Linux Mint and then follow the steps below to setup the Driver Pack.

   Step 1

Open Oracle VM virtualization software and click File / Preferences.

VirtualBox Preferences

   Step 2

In the VB Preferences window, click Extensions in the left pane, as shown below. As you can see, the VB Driver Pack is not installed!

VirtualBox Extensions

   Step 3

To download the Extension Software, go to and click on All supported platforms.

Downloading Extension Pack for Linux

   Step 4

Save the VB Extension Software to your computer.

Downloading Extension Pack

   Step 5

Open the Preferences window again and click the button as below to add the Extension Software.

Adding Extension Software to VirtualBox

   Step 6

Select the vbox-extpack file and click the Open button. In this window, you can also delete or update the software package that you added.

Adding Extension Pack

   Step 7

Click on the Install button to launch the Oracle VM Ext pkg setup on Mint.

VirtualBox - Question

   Step 8

Click on the I Agree button to accept the VBox Ext pkg license agreement.

Accepting VBox License Agreement

   Step 9

To continue the setup, type your Mint root password and press Enter.

Enter your password to perform administrative tasks

   Step 10

Once the Oracle VM additional software is successfully installed, click on the OK button.

VBox Information

   Step 11

You can check the Ext Pack version from Preferences / Extensions. You can add it in the same way by applying the stages in this article when a new version is released.

VirtualBox Extensions

How to Add Extension Software to VBox in Mint 19.1 / 18 ⇒ Video

To setup the Extension Software for the Oracle virtualization program installed on Mint, you can watch the following video. And you can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to support us…

   Final Word

In this article, we have installed the Extension Pack on Mint. Thanks for following us!

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