How to Install macOS Mojave 10.14 on a Mac Computer Without Virtualization Software

In this article, we will install macOS Mojave on an installed macOS High Sierra without using any virtualization program.

How to Install macOS Mojave 10.14 on a Mac Computer

How to Install macOS Mojave Step by Step

macOS 10.14 recently released by Apple for developers. At the end of this month, macOS 10.14 will be released to all users. macOS 10.14 Beta 1 was named Mojave.

To download macOS 10.14 for Apple Developer without a Developer account, you must use the macOS Developer Beta Access Utility. You can use macOS Access Utility to unlock macOS 10.14 and start the download.

You can update your current macOS operating system to macOS 10.14. In this article, we will upgrade an existing macOS High Sierra 10.13.5 to macOS 10.14 without using a virtualization program.

If you want to run with a virtualization program, in our previous article we have released the macOS Mojave ISO file for you. You can use the macOS ISO file with virtualization programs such as VMware Workstation or VirtualBox.

Update: macOS Mojave 10.14 Full Version Released!

   Update (29 July 2019)

Apple released Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6!

You can also follow the steps below to install macOS 10.14.6 on your Mac.

How to Setup Mac OS Mojave 10.14 Beta 1

Follow the steps below to install Mac OS Mojave 10.14 Beta 1 on a Mac computer.

   Step 1

As you can see in the image below, the version of macOS system to be upgraded is 10.13.5. Proceed to the next step to download Apple’s Mojave system.

macOS High Sierra Version

   Step 2

After downloading the macOS download tool, run the .dmg extension.

macOS Developer Beta Access.dmg

   Step 3

Double-click the macOSDeveloperBetaAccessUtility.pkg file.

macOS Developer Beta Access Utility.pkg

   Step 4

Click Continue to install the macOS Developer Beta Access Utility.

macOS Utility

   Step 5

In the macOS Utility’s license agreement window, click Continue.

Accepting the License Agreement

   Step 6

Click Agree to accept the license agreement.

Approve Software License Agreement

   Step 7

Click Install to install the macOS Developer Utility.

Installation Type

   Step 8

Type your macOS Root password and click the Install Software button.

macOS Root Password

   Step 9

Wait while installing macOS Utility.

Running Package Scripts

   Step 10

After installing the macOS Developer Access Utility, the Mac App Store will open automatically and the macOS download page will open. Click the Download button to download Mojave.

mac OS Mojave

   Step 11

After downloading macOS 10.14, click the Open button.

Open macOS

   Step 12

Click Continue to start the macOS 10.14 Beta installation.

macOS 10.14 Beta

   Step 13

Click Agree to accept the Mojave license agreement.

Accepting the MacOS 10.14 Beta License Agreement

   Step 14

Click Agree button again.

I have read and accepted the license agreement

   Step 15

The installation will do on macOS disk. Click the Install button to start the macOS installation.

Selecting the Installation Disk

   Step 16

Type your macOS root password and press Enter.

Typing macOS Root Password Again

   Step 17

Wait while the installation files copies.

Remaining 9 Minutes

   Step 18

Restart your system by clicking the Restart button after the installation copies the required files.

Ready to Install

   Step 19

Please wait while installing macOS 10.14 on Mac. The installation will complete in approximately 45 minutes.

Remaining 46 Minutes

   Step 20

After your computer restarts, type your root password and press Enter.

Type a User Password

   Step 21

If you’d like to log in to your Apple account, you can sign in in the following step. If you do not want to log in to account, click the Set Up Later button.

Apple ID Login

   Step 22

One of Mojave’s eye-catching features is the Night Mode feature. Select the View you want to use in this step and click Continue.

Selecting the View

   Step 23

macOS 10.14’s desktop view is as follows. To check the macOS Mojave version, click the Apple Logo, and click About.

Checking Mojave Version

How to Run macOS using a Virtual Machine

To install macOS step by step on a virtual machine using VMware Workstation, click on the image below to browse our article.

Installing macOS  on Virtual Machine

   Final Word

In this article, we have updated macOS High Siera 10.13.5 to macOS 10.14 Beta on a Mac. Thanks for following us!

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