How to Install GNS3 VM on macOS Mojave 10.14

Connecting to the GNS3 VM with the GNS3 network simulator program that you use to prepare for Cisco exams is very useful for performance. This structure allows you to increase performance and store your Cisco IOS images in one place.

How to Install GNS3 VM on macOS Mojave

How to Set Up GNS3 VM on macOS Mojave

If you don’t know how to use GNS3 VM with GNS3, this article will show you how to use GNS3 VM step by step. First, you need to know that the GNS3 VM use with a virtualization program.

On Windows and Linux operating systems, you can use the GNS3 VM with VMware Workstation or Oracle VM VirtualBox. In addition, you can use the GNS3 VM on the macOS operating system with VMware Fusion.

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How to Configure GNS3 VM on Mac / macOS

Before you can make a GNS3 VM connection with GNS3, you must install the VMware Fusion virtualization program.

We will import the “GNS3 VM.ova” file using VMware Fusion on macOS. Click on the image below to install VMware Fusion virtualization program.

How to Install VMware Fusion on macOS Mojave

After installing VMware Fusion, follow the steps below to install GNS3 VM step by step.

   Step 1

To download GNS3 VM for Mac, visit the GNS3 website and click Download and then Download VM for GNS3.

Downloading the GNS3 VM

   Step 2

In the Download GNS3 VM window, click the Download button under VM Workstation.

Download GNS3 VM For VMware

   Step 3

Wait while downloading the GNS3 VM.

Downloading Software

   Step 4

Copy the GNS3 VM.ova file to your Mojave desktop.

GNS3 VM.ova File

   Step 5

Open VMware Fusion Pro and select Import an existing virtual machine and click Continue.

Import an existing virtual machine

   Step 6

Click the Choose File button to select the GNS3 VM.ova file.

Choose File

   Step 7

Select the GNS3 VM.ova file and click the Open button.

Open File

   Step 8

Click Continue to start the import process.

Select an Existing Virtual Machine

   Step 9

Leave the GNS3 VM file name as the default and click the Save button.

Save File

   Step 10

Please wait while importing GNS3 VM on VMware Fusion.

Importing GNS3 VM

   Step 11

The summary information for the GNS3 VM machine is as follows. Click the Finish button to start the GNS3 VM.

Virtual Machine Summary

   Step 12

Opening the GNS3 VM …


   Step 13

Click Preferences to make a GNS3 VM connection.

GNS3 / Preferences

   Step 14

Select the GNS3 VM and enable Enable the GNS3 VM on the right and click OK.

Enable the GNS3 VM

   Step 15

GNS3 VM connection successfully established!

Servers Summary

   Step 16

To add a Cisco Router IOS image to the GNS3 VM, open Preferences and click Dynamips / IOS routers. On the right, you can see the Cisco Router or Cisco Switches added on GNS3. Click the New button to add a new Router.

IOS Routers

   Step 17

In the New IOS router template window, select the Run this IOS router on the GNS3 VM option and click Next.

Run this IOS router on the GNS3 VM

   Step 18

Select a Cisco Router that you added earlier on GNS3 and click Next. Set the Idle-PC value for the router and configure the interface.

IOS Image / Selecting an Existing Image

   Step 19

You can check the added Cisco Router on the GNS3 VM from the Servers Status.

IOS Router Templates

   Step 20

Run the Cisco Router and check for any problems. You can also learn the IOS image version of the Cisco Router with the show version command.

Cisco IOS Software

How to Run GNS3 VM on Mac ⇒ Video

You can watch the video below for installing and configuring GNS3 VM on Mac, and you can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to support us!

   Final Word

In this article, we have import GNS3 VM using VMware Fusion virtualization on Mac OS Mojave and then connected to GNS3. And finally, we have added a Cisco Router on the GNS3 VM. Thanks for following us!

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