Giving Cisco Router Ip Address

I want to show you the process of giving Cisco Router interface Ip address in my article called the Giving Cisco Router Ip Address. Giving Ip address consists of several steps. It’s given the Ip address according to the interface name of Cisco Router.
Giving Cisco Router Ip Address

Giving Cisco Router Ip Address

Giving Cisco Router Ip Address

After you give the Ip address to the Cisco Router interface, it’s generally a down status [shutdown] the interface given the Ip address in the Cisco Devices. With the “no shutdown” command the interface it’s down is set up the up status.

The interface wanted to set up to the up status is named as the “Ethernet” or “FastEthernet”. And slot number is next to interface name. These slot numbers may show the diversity.

The process of Giving Cisco Router Ip address is always done in the global configuration mode. After we pass this mode, it’s specified the interface that it will be configured. And It’s given the Ip address. Then, the interface is activated.

If you are not familiar with Router modes, I recommend to read you the topic called the “Cisco Router Modes

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How to Assign Ip Address to Router Interface?

We can now pass to give Ip address. Give the IP address to the Router interface by following the following commands in order.

R1# conf t
R1(config)# interface fastethernet 0/0
R1(config-if)# ip address
R1(config-if)# no shutdown
R1(config-if)# end

This is the main rationale for giving IP addresses to Cisco devices. Command syntax logic is; [Ip address “IP ADDRESS” “SUBNET MASK”]. If you are wondering about the different commands under the Ip address command, before giving IP address, you can take a look at with the [R1 (config-if) # ip address? ] command.

It has been specified the process of giving Cisco Ip address in the following image.

Giving Cisco Router Ip Address

We have given successfully the Ip address of FastEthernet 0/0 interface when we have applied the commands in the above image. The 0/0 numbers next to the FastEthernet may differ as we said. You need to check this first.

To add Cisco Router IOS images to GNS3, read the topic called “Adding Cisco IOS to GNS3

Giving Cisco Router Ip Address ⇒ Video

You can watch how to assign IP address to Router interface and also subscribe to our YouTube channel…

  Final Word

I am here pointing my article called the Giving Cisco Router Ip Address. Although this topic is very simple, it is for beginners. In later posts, we will look at more different commands together.

If this article is helpful, send me feedback by commenting! Thanks in advance, take care of yourself!

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