Cisco Router Modes | Basic CLI Commands

Cisco Router Modes | Basic CLI Commands – Cisco Router Modes are sections that tell us what stage we are in the Cisco command interface. You need to know these parts well. Because there are different commands in each layer, they have the separate functions.
Cisco Router Modes

Cisco Router Modes | Basic CLI Commands

Cisco Router Modes | Basic CLI Commands

Cisco Router Modes are actually the first foundation of Cisco configurations. Router modes are basically the three stage. You can easily understand which stage you are at. According to the commands that you will run on the stage are also specific. Switching between Cisco Router modes is provided. For example; You went to a higher mode, and you can easily go back to a lower mode.

1. User Executive Mode

This mode which appears in the Cisco Router CLI command interface is the User Management Mode. User mode is for informational purposes only. No configuration is done for the router. With the Enable command, the privileged management mode, which is a higher layer, is being switched.

Cisco Router Modes

2. Privileged Execute Mode

As you can see in the image below, the R1> enable command switches to privileged executive mode. Here, we can do the jobs of saving running router configuration, browsing running configuration, examining router ios version.

Specifically, to this section must be given the password. Because a user arrived this section means to have to the router. So in this case, if a rogue user registers his device with his own password, it means that the system administrator will not be able to reach this router.

[su_note note_color=”#e5493a” text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”0″]If a password is not set in this mode, a user arriving at your device may damage your device with the R1 # erase command![/su_note]

As you can see in the image below. The ? command displays the commands that we can use in the interface with this mode. We can look at the commands that we can not remember with the? sign. It’s displayed all the components of the copy command with the R1 # copy ?.

Cisco Router Modes

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3. Global Configuration Mode

If you want to switch to the general configuration mode after Privileged Executive Mode, you can use R1 # configure terminal command as shown in the following image. We have the entire Router in this mode interface and now we can make all the settings we want.

For example, in this mode, it can be configured FastEthernet interface with R1(config)# interface FastEthernet 0/0 command.

Cisco Router Modes

Switching Between Cisco Router Modes

Switching between Cisco Router modes is possible. For example, we can use the disable command to switch from global configuration mode to a sub-mode.

The following image shows the switching between modes.

Cisco Router Modes

The point to note here is to switch to the privileged mode with the End and Ctrl + Z commands in global configuration mode.

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  Final Word

Cisco Router Modes | Basic CLI Commands – The modes of Cisco Router are basically 3 simple steps. If an interface is to be configured, that particular interface will be turned on. But in basic meaning, these modes are 3 steps.

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