How to Fix (load_init_program: attempting to load /sbin/launchd) in macOS High Sierra on VirtualBox

If you run the virtual machine after creating a new VM for the Mac OS High Sierra installation on Oracle VM VirtualBox, if you encounter the (load_init_program: attempting to load /sbin/launchd) error during the installation phase, you must configure the settings of the VM properly.

How to Fix (load_init_program: attempting to load /sbin/launchd) in macOS High Sierra on VirtualBox

How to Fix (load_init_program) in Mac OS Virtual Machine

For macOS High Sierra installation with Oracle VM VirtualBox, configure the virtual machine settings as follows.

  • Remove Floppy in the boot order.
  • In Extended Features, enable Enable I/O APIC, Enable EFI, and Hardware Clock in UTC Time.
  • Assign a 4 GB RAM value to the virtual machine.
  • In the Processor section, enable Enable PAE/NX.
  • In the Acceleration setting, enable Enable VT-x/AMD-V and Enable Nested Paging.
  • Also, add 2 Processors for the virtual machine. (for the load_init_program: attempting to load /sbin/launchd error)

For macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 installation on VBox, configure the settings of the virtual machine as above. Next, add the ISO file to the virtual computer and run the VM.

When you add 1 processor to the virtual pc, you will get the load_init_program: attempting to load /sbin/launchd error. Therefore, you need to add 2 processors.

How to Fix (load_init_program) in macOS VM

If the macOS installation does not start on VBox and you encounter the /sbin/launchd error, you can resolve this error by following the steps below.

   Step 1

The error in the Mac OS installation is as follows. To resolve this error, close the VM and open the settings of the VM.

load_init_program error

   Step 2

In the settings window, click System then Processor. Set the number of processors of the VM to 2 and click the OK button to close the window.

Adding ISO File to macOS Virtual Machine

   Step 3

When you run the macOS virtual machine again, the installation will start as follows!

Running macOS High Sierra

   Final Word

In this article, we have fixed a critical error that occurred during the Mac OS installation with Oracle VM VBox. Thanks for following us!

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