Download macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 ISO

In this article, we shared macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 download link for installing Mac OS X operating system in VMware and VirtualBox programs.

Download macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 ISO

Get macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 Image File

macOS 10.13.4, which came with eGPU support, released on March 29, 2018. Mac users can update their computers by downloading the 10.13.4 version from the Apple Store.

The 10.13.4 update significantly improves the stability, performance and security of your computer. For more information on the macOS 10.13.4 update please visit

In our previous articles, we released the ISO files of macOS operating system. You can browse these articles from the links below.

In this article, we have shared the Bootable image file for you to install macOS on virtualization programs such as VMware Workstation, VirtualBox.

You can use the downloaded this image not only on virtual machines but also on a physical Mac computer. You can burn the Mac OS image file to a Flash memory and use it on an unsupported Mac computer.

NOTE: We have shared macOS ISO image file for educational purposes only.

Download Bootable macOS ISO for VMware Workstation and VirtualBox

For VMware or VirtualBox virtual machines, click the button below to download the image file to your computer via google drive.

Download ISO File

Update (June 8, 2018): Mac OS 10.13.5 Released!
Update: (July 26, 2018): Mac OS 10.13.6 Released!
Update: (July 26, 2018): Mac OS Mojave 10.14 Released!

You can check out how to upgrade Mac OS to update your existing system to the new version.

   Final Word

In this article, we have shared the Bootable macOS 10.13.4 image file with you. With this setup image, you can install Apple Mac OS X on Windows 10 using VMwae or VirtualBox virtualization programs. Thanks for following us!

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  1. Avatar for notwork notwork 7 May 2018

    it doesnt work

  2. Avatar for tonny tonny 7 May 2018

    Not functioning ISO. Downloaded, tried it.

    • Avatar for tolqabaqci tolqabaqci 11 May 2018

      Follow up the MacOS installation steps carefully.

  3. Avatar for Nel256 Nel256 8 May 2018

    when I start the VM in virtualbox 5.2 only shows the log layout. It reboots eternally until I disconnect the VM. It doesn’t show any ERROR or FAIL.
    What can I do to make it initiate the configuration mode?

  4. Avatar for Mohamed Fouad Mohamed Fouad 28 June 2018

    file damaged 🙁

    • Avatar for tolqabaqci tolqabaqci 29 June 2018

      No, the file is working. Do not try to open it on Windows.

  5. Avatar for Anonymous Anonymous 13 July 2018

    Doesn’t work on mac used this to try and downgrade but didn’t work 🙁

  6. Avatar for Sebastian Sebastian 20 July 2018

    Works i install macos 10.13.04 on windows 7, virtual box 5.2. Thanks!

    • Avatar for tolqabaqci tolqabaqci 21 July 2018

      I’m glad to hear that! Thanks for your feedback!

  7. Avatar for Alef Alef 11 September 2018

    Really Works! Thanks!!!

    • Avatar for tolqabaqci tolqabaqci 11 September 2018

      You’re welcome! Thanks for your comment!

  8. Avatar for Amir Amir 29 November 2019

    Hi, I am getting OS is damaged message. I google the message and found that the certificate in the installer has expired. How can I update the certificate on these two files, i.e. iso and hd image?


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