How to Clone a Virtual Machine in VMware Workstation 15/14/12

In this article, we will examine how a virtual machine installed on the VMware Workstation software is backed up or replicated.

How to Clone a Virtual Machine in VMware Workstation 15

How to Clone a Virtual Machine (VM) in VMware Workstation 15 Pro

Using VMware software, you can easily install Windows, Linux, macOS operating systems on your computer. Another feature of the VMware virtualization software is Clone.

Cloning on VM Workstation is a kind of backup. You can use this feature if you want to duplicate a virtual machine running on VMware.

Cloning a single vm is a logical way, as it will take time to set up a new VM on Workstation/Player.

What is Clone in VMware?

Let’s answer on what Clone in VMware is.

1. It is a copy of the virtual operating system.
2. Virtual operating systems can be easily reproduced for VM.
3. Backup can be done easily for VM.
4. There are also two types of Clone in Workstation/Player.

Clone Types on VMware

Two types of Clone options are available for system cloning.

1. Linked Clone

Linked Clone creates a folder within the main virtual operating system location. If the master virtual machine is deleted, the Linked Clone created is also deleted. In short, they are connected.

Changes to the machine with the Linked Clone will not affect the main machine. It also saves disk space because it takes up little space on the disk.

2. Full Clone

Full Clone is a complete vm that is completely independent of the main machine. The Full Clone takes a little longer than the duration of the Linked Clone.

As a result, it takes up more space on disk space. However, Full Clone on VMware is recommended.

After mentioning the types of cloning, we can now proceed to how to use clone on a VM.

How to Create a Clone for Windows 10 VM on VMware 15

The latest version of VM Workstation is 15 Pro. Clone usage steps in this version are as in other versions. Follow the steps below in order to get the full clone for a VM installed on VM Workstation 15.

   Step 1

You can back up to full capacity by taking a clone for a Windows 10 VM that you have installed on VMware 15 Pro. First, right-click on the machine you want to clone, and then click Manage / Clone.

Manage / Clone

   Step 2

In the Clone VM Wizard window, click Next.

Clone Virtual Machine Wizard

   Step 3

To clone the current status of the Windows 10 machine, select the current state of the virtual machine and click Next.

The current state in the virtual machine

   Step 4

Select Create a full clone and then click Next.

Create a full clone

   Step 5

Specify a name for the VM to be cloned and select the drive you want to store the machine in and click Finish.

Store Virtual Machine

   Step 6

Completing the process of getting a clone on VM Workstation …

Cloning Virtual Machine

   Step 7

Click the Close button after taking a clone for the Windows 10 machine.

Close VM Wizard

   Step 8

The clone operation for the VM completed successfully.

Clone of Windows 10 Virtual Machine

How to Take Clone for Windows 10 Virtual Machine using VM Workstation 15 ⇒ Video

You can watch the video below to get a full clone of a VM using VMware and also subscribe to our YouTube channel to support us!

Clone Usage Video on VMware

How to Backup a VM on VMware Workstation 12/14

To better understand how to use Clone to replicate a VM on VM Workstation, follow the steps below in order.

   Step 1

Right-click on a previously created VM on VM Workstation. The point to be considered here is the virtual computer must be turned off.

VMware Workstation 12/14 Clone

   Step 2

After clicking on the right button on the Windows 10 Redstone, click Manage / Clone.

Manage / Clone

   Step 3

In the Clone Wizard window, click Next.

Clone Wizard

   Step 4

In the Clone Source window, you can perform system cloning from the current state of the VM or from an existing snapshot state.

If you have not previously taken a Snapshot for the VM, you can continue by selecting the option above.

If you have previously received more than one Snapshot on the VM, you can continue by selecting Snapshot if you want to get the Clone via Snapshot.

Continue the Clone process via Snapshot and click the Next button.

Clone Virtual Machine Over Existing Snapshot

   Step 5

In the Clone Type, continue by selecting Full Clone.

Clone Type

   Step 6

In this window, the name and location of the machine are asked. If you use an external drive as a location, you can get more performance and save disk space.

Selecting a VM Location

   Step 7

Click the Finish button to start the backup/replication process.

Writing a Name for the New VM

   Step 8

The system cloning process has started for the VM. This process takes approximately 10-15 minutes depending on your VM size.

Cloning Virtual Machine

   Step 9

VM cloning process completed successfully. Close the window by clicking the Close button.

System Cloning Complete

   Step 10

As you can see, we have easily duplicated a Windows 10 machine on VM Workstation 12/14.

Backup Completed

How to Take a Clone of any Operating System in VMware ⇒ Video

You can perform system cloning on VMware by watching the video below. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Clone Usage Video in VMware

   Final Word

In this article, we have performed VM cloning steps with VMware. Cloning on VMware is a very different process than the Snapshot process. You can simulate the Snapshot feature to the System Restore process in Windows operating systems. Thanks for following us!

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