What is VLAN in Networking?

What is VLAN in Networking? – VLAN means Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN). VLAN was developed by the IEEE. VLANs run at the OSI Layer 2 layer.
What is VLAN in Networking?

What is VLAN in Networking?

What is VLAN in Networking?

A VLAN is the logical grouping of users or network devices on a local network and the assignment of Cisco Switch ports to the VLAN that created.

Normally, there is always one VLAN in a switch manageable. This VLAN is called the Native VLAN. Each client plugged into the switch ports automatically becomes a member of the Native VLAN and can communicate with each other. Native VLAN on each switch configures as VLAN1 by default.

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What is VLAN in Cisco Networking?

After the introduction of what is VLAN in networking, let’s explain what is VLAN in Cisco networking with an example. Supports Cisco VLAN broadcast domain. Therefore, each VLAN structure created regards as a separate network. The crews within the building in any company or enterprise position separately. For example; There are 3 rooms (Research) from the same crew on Floor 1, Floor 2 and Floor 3 of the building.

These three research units carry out operations such as sharing files over the network and using IP phones. The research sections are in the shape of a room on 3. floors. How logical is it to fill each floor with the same task unit? For example; X Company’s 1. floor completely separated to accounting unit. It would be a bit strange…

At this point, VLAN structure is entering the circuit. A network topology using VLAN structure in Cisco Switch looks like the following image.

What is VLAN in Networking?

In the above image, each floor has different VLAN users. According to this network topology, implementing Cisco VLAN structure is the most logical way. According to this structure, it is important to note that there is a great difference between physical and logical network topologies.

Benefits of Cisco VLANs

The benefits of Cisco VLANs depend on network topology. If we list the basic advantages of using VLANs;

1. Each VLAN is a broadcast domain.
2. When a client sends a broadcast frame, only members of that VLAN receive the broadcast frame.
3. A user who is a member of a created VLAN will not be able to communicate with other VLANs.
4. If we look at the above image, we can have an IT worker on each floor.
5. To not keep network traffic busy unnecessarily, we can make devices such as Printer as members of different VLANs.
6. VoIP (Voice over IP) We can create a different VLAN for IP phones.
7. Wireless guest networks can be created using wireless access point (WAN) network devices that support VLANs.

Based on the benefits of Cisco VLANs, network bandwidth increases in a big way.

What is VLAN in Networking? ⇒ Video

As an example of what is VLANs in networking and the benefits of Cisco VLANs, you can watch the video below. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos related to VLAN…

  Final Word

What is VLAN in Networking? – In response to the question of what is VLAN in networking, we have given a few examples. Cisco VLAN What is Cisco VLAN is a network topology created with video network simulator program.

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