What is Static Route in Router? Static Route Configuration on Cisco Routers

What is Static Route in Router?Static Route is a fixed, manually configured routing route implemented on Routers.
What is Static Route in Router?

What is Static Route in Router?

What is Static Route in Router?

Static Routes are used to determine where to send an IP packet to a router on the network. Each interface on the Cisco Routers represents an IP network.

The interfaces on the Cisco Router write own network address in own routing table. Therefore, according to the entries in the Router routing table, it can decide where the IP packet will go.

A network administrator can manually configure IP packets going to a specific network using the Static Routes. Static Routes are not deleted from the Router routing table unless it is removed by the administrator.

Static Routes are named with the letter S in the Cisco Router routing table.

When it is requested the Static Route to be removed, the network administrator has to do the manual action. The route does not delete from the routing table like the Dynamic Route protocol.

Three factors are taken into account when the static route is configured.

1. Destination Address to which IP Package will go.
2. Subnet Mask of the IP Package.
3. Which interface or IP address will the IP packet go through?

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What is the Command for Static Route in Cisco Router?

The use of the IP route command is a simple one-line operation. You can easily configure Static Route on Cisco Routers in privileged configuration mode.

This command;

R1(config)# ip route

If we explain the above command, IP packets can reach the network via

Another example for using ip route command;

R1(config)# ip route FastEthernet0/0

The above IP route is a different configuration of the use of the command. At the end of the command, there is the FastEthernet0/0 interface. This interface is the interface of the Cisco Router that is configured to Static Route. In short, it is not the interface of the opposite router.

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