What is Default Route in Networking? How to Configure Default Route Command in Cisco Router?

What is Default Route in Networking? – When you configure the Routers on the network, you may encounter the terms such as default route. The default route configures where to go when IP packets cannot reach the destination.
What is Default Route in Networking?

What is Default Route in Networking?

What is Default Route in Networking?

The Default Route is configured to configure where the IP packets will go when the Router has no destination network address in the routing table.

For example, if there is only one Router in the network environment, this Router performs the Default Route task by default. Because the IP packets coming from the local network going not to pass on another router.

If there are two or more Routers in the network environment, the Default Route is configured on the Router that is near to the Modem or ISP Router.

For this reason, when a computer accessing the outside network from the inside network wants to access a network that is not in the router’s routing table, the default route is configured so that the IP packets continue to be successful.

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How to Configure Default Route in Cisco Router?

Carefully review the following image to better understand the Default Route command on the Cisco Router. By configuring the Default Route on Cisco Router R1, IP packets for unknown networks are always route to Router R2.

What is Default Route in Networking?

It is necessary to configure a default route in such network topology or a large network topology. Otherwise, IP packets will always drop when accessing unknown networks.

How to Configure Default Static Route on Cisco Router?

The answer to how to configure the default static route on Cisco Router is very simple. The following command is used to define the Default Route on a Cisco Router.

R1(config)# ip route

If we explain the above command, when an unknown destination address arrives at the Router, the R1 Router tells it to go to the IP address where it wants to go.

Therefore, when a user on the network wants to access a website, the IP packets are sent to the Router connected to the Internet.

Another example of using the Default Route command is as follows.

R1(config)# ip route Serial0/1/0

At the end of this command, the interface represents the interface on Router R1. This interface is the interface of the Internet Router.

  Final Word

What is Default Route in Networking? – After we have discussed what is default route in Router on a network briefly, we have examined the default route logic on a small network topology. Thanks for following us!

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