How to Add Cisco Router to GNS3 VM

In this article, we will examine how to add Cisco IOS images to the GNS3 VM running on VMware Workstation virtualization program.

How to Add Cisco Router to GNS3 VM

How to Add Router/Switch to GNS3 Virtual Machine

As you prepare for Cisco exams, you can easily upload Cisco images to the GNS3 VM program you have installed on your computer for more specific topologies.

Because IOS images stored on the GNS3 Server stores in one place, you can provide centralized IOS storage management.

How to Install Router on GNS3 Server

Follow the steps below to add Cisco’s Router or Switch to your GNS3 server.

   Step 1

After running the GNS3 network simulator software, create a new project.

Creating a New Network Project

   Step 2

Click Edit / Preferences to activate the GNS3 VM Server.

GNS3 / Edit / Preferences

   Step 3

In the Preferences window, click GNS3 VM, and then select Enable the GNS3 VM.

Enable the GNS3 VM

   Step 4

After enabling “Enable the GNS3 VM”, click the OK button to save the setting.

GNS3 VM Preferences

   Step 5

As soon as you press the OK button, the GNS3 VM will start running.

Running GNS3 VM

   Step 6

You can check that the GNS3 VM is running smoothly from the Servers Summary section.

Servers Summary

   Step 7

Check the network connection by pinging the GNS3 Server’s IP address.

GNS3 Server IP Address

   Step 8

To add a network device, click Edit / Preferences again.

Edit / Preferences

   Step 9

In the window that opens, you can see that the previously installed c7200 Cisco Router stores on the Local Server.

Now, click the New button to add a new Router.

IOS Router Templates

   Step 10

From the window that opens, select Run the router on the GNS3 VM and click Next.

Run the IOS router on the GNS3 VM

   Step 11

To install the router, select New Image and click the Browse button to select the IOS image you downloaded to your computer.

New Image

   Step 12

Wait while the IOS image upload to the GNS3 virtul machine.

Installing Cisco Router IOS Image on GNS3 VM

   Step 13

After adding the image file to the program, click Next to continue.

New IOS Router Template

   Step 14

In the Name and Platform window, type the name of the device you added, and then click Next after configuring the platform.

Name and Platform

   Step 15

The default RAM value of the Router you added will be automatically set as follows. If you wish, you can increase the default amount of RAM here.

Specifying RAM for Router

   Step 16

In the Network Adapters window, select the FastEthernet or GigabitEthernet interfaces you want to add to the Router and click Next.

Adding an Adapter for a Router

   Step 17

In the WIC modules window, add the WIC-2T unit and click Next.

Add WIC Module to Router

   Step 18

To set the Idle-PC value for the router, click on the Idle-PC finder.

Idle-PC Value Calculator

   Step 19

Calculating Idle-PC value for Cisco Router…

Calculating Idle-PC Value

   Step 20

Once the optimal value for the router found, click OK to continue.

Idle-PC Finder

   Step 21

Close the Idle-PC window by clicking the Finish button.

Closing the Idle-PC Finder Window

   Step 22

You can verify that the Cisco c3745 Router has added to the GNS3 Server from “Server:” in the IOS Router Templates window.

IOS Routers

   Step 23

Drag and drop the added Router into the workspace and start it.

Running the Cisco Router in GNS3

   Step 24

You can use the show ip int br or show version commands to verify that the Cisco Router is working properly on the server.

R1# show version

How to Upload Router IOS to the GNS3 VM ⇒ Video

You can watch the video below to add a Router to the GNS3 server and also subscribe to our YouTube channel to support us!

   Final Word

In this article, we have installed Cisco Router image on the GNS3 virtual machine. And finally, we have verified that the Cisco router is running on the GNS3 Server. Thanks for following us!

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